I’m A Little Bit Country – Riding Shotgun With Willie Nelson

It’s true.  We saw Willie Nelson play the Hollywood Bowl and while walking behind the stage and through the parking lot to get our seats you could literally see smoke pouring out of his tour bus.  Go biodiesel!!!

Willie Nelson – Shotgun Willie

“Shotgun Willie sits around in his underwear…

Bitin’ on a bullet and pullin’ out all of his hair…

Shotgun Willie’s got all of his family there.”

I so loved this line when I first heard it.  That’s the thing about Willie.  He is an incredible songwriter… one of the greatest ever… and he also has one of the best wits and senses of humor around.  He just gets it.

“Whiskey River don’t run dry…” Mmm, Mmm, Mmm…

This record came out in 1973 and also featured the legend Waylon Jennings and the also fabulous and highly influential Doug Sahm as part of Willie’s band.  His stuff is so worth checking out, especially what he did with the Sir Douglas Quintet.

I must admit I do not like a lot of the more modern country music… Sorry… It all sounds the same to me… Keith Urban is a pretty good guitar player, though… I like him…

But I love old school country or more of what Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson were doing later on.  This album is considered one of the first “outlaw country” records… Apparently Jennings hated the term, but ah well… I am an Outlaw at heart.

This genre was an answer to the “Nashville sound”, which according to Wikipedia, “was pioneered by staff at RCA Records and Columbia Records in Nashville, Tennessee, including manager Steve Sholes, record producers Chet Atkins, Owen Bradley, and Bob Ferguson, and recording engineer Bill Porter. They invented the form by replacing elements of the popular honky-tonk style (fiddles, steel guitar, nasal lead vocals) with “smooth” elements from 1950s pop music (string sections, background vocals, crooning lead vocals), and using “slick” production, and pop music structures.

I do especially like the old honky-tonk country, but also, somewhat ironically, the “Nashville sound”.  I guess I do like country more than I admit!  There are three sub genres right there that I am attached to… and alt. country like Wilco and Ryan Adams are amongst my favorites… So slap my horse and call me Clyde, I am a country boy!!!  A good ‘ol New York City born, North Jersey raised, country boy!  Yee ha!

Two Bob Wills songs… love Bob Wills… “Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)” and “Bubbles in My Beer” are also here!  Both classics and both just great tunes!!!

So forget Black Friday… get past Cyber Monday and enjoy Country Tuesday!


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One response to “I’m A Little Bit Country – Riding Shotgun With Willie Nelson

  1. Mark Luera

    I have seen Willie numerous times and have to agree, modern country music is an acquired taste. I will listen to Willie until the day that I die and hope my children love him as much as I do, my father used to listen to him quite a bit growing up. At first it was hard to you get into him but after I learned mama don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys on the guitar I was sold.
    I’ll never smoke weed with him again though

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