Yeah, I’m Feeling A Little Moody… The Moody Blues – Long Distance Voyager

Really late today… But that’s what happens when the track pad on your lap top goes out and you need to get it into the man… Five days they’ll have that thing… AAGGHH!!!  But thank the heavens for Apple Care… Great investment on top of my great investment…

The Moody Blues – Long Distance Voyager

This album screams High School.  I remember being at my friend Harry’s and listening to this non-stop.  We loved this record.  Still do.

It is the tenth album by the The Moody Blues, and came out in May 1981.  The opening track is “The Voice” and is just such a great tune.  Hard to be pissy while that is playing.  Man I love that song!  Love it!!!

This was the “second American number one album, and was also the source of the Top 20 singles “Gemini Dream” (#12) and “The Voice” (#15).”

“Gemini Dream” has such an ELO sound… or perhaps ELO has a Moody Blues sound… After all, they were one of the first and more successful bands to really use classical music with rock.  ELO took that formula and ran!!!

I tend to lean towards the Justin Hayward penned songs, and while he definitely wrote most of their hits, they are just more my style.  “Meanwhile” is another great track of his.  I do also dig John Lodge’s “Talking Out Of Turn” and Graeme Edge’s “22,000 Days”.  And Graeme’s “Nervous”  is a great pop, classical, troubadour “ish” composition!  See, I like the whole damn thing!

Back in the day you tended to listen to albums as a whole, from start to finish.  That was certainly the case with this one.  We’d pull out the vinyl and slip it on the stereo in the living room of Harry’s parent’s house… and just take it all in.  We were pretty clean-cut kids, so no substance enhancement, but I could see it with this one.  Then again, the music made us high… naturally.

Geez, I sound like a Nancy Reagan commercial!

Well there it is.  I continue to proudly be a child of the ’80s!


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