AAGGHH – Sunday, Sunday Sunday… Soothe Me With Jet Sounds and Nicola Conte

Shopping for a car is NOT fun.  Well, I suppose if I was Bill Gates and money was no object and I was perusing the Aston Martin and Porsche aisle I might be happier and more pleased, but for now… I am not enjoying it… not one bit.

I was at the LA Auto Show and saw a two million dollar car… I got some good laughs when I said… “Hmmm… house… car… house… car…”

But of course if you can afford a two million dollar car, I will guess you have more than one of both… car AND house!

Ahh, Sunday… There was a hike on the agenda this morning but that plan got sidetracked… and instead I got a day full of crankiness…  AAGGHH!

So… here I am alone… hanging with the pooch and needing something soothing… Hell, I may even take a nap.  Not that this music will put me to sleep, not at all… I’m just saying…

Nicola Conte – Jet Sounds

Wow, how do I categorize him?  Nicola Conte stradles so many worlds… This is his first album, and he usually can be found in either Jazz or Electronica… Some albums are more jazzy and some are more electronic… This one is jazz, and world and electronica and Eastern influenced…

The second track, “Bossa Per Due”,  will definitely remind you of a little Austin Powers… It has that jazzy, Bossa Nova 60s sound, baby!  It “gained international recognition and was an underground hit… and was used within a short time for a prime-time commercial for Acura automobiles.”

My go-to source, Wikipedia says: “Nicola Conte is an Italian DJ, producer, guitarist, and bandleader, known initially for introducing an innovative style of acid jazz that incorporates bossa nova themes, melodies drawn from Italian film scores of the 1960s, easy listening themes, and ethnic Indian music. Recently, he has focused much more of his music on latin jazz, with both his albums Other Directions (2004, Blue Note & Schema) and Rituals (2008, Schema), and many remixes he has done for contemporaries stretching across many closely related genres.

“Conte, a classically-trained musician, is an innovative jazz revivalist and part of what was termed “The Fez Collective”, based in the Italian town of Bari, and the Idizioni-Ishatr/Schema Records, a record label known for promoting a distinctly Italian approach to acid jazz as well as jazz music as a whole.”

I also really love 2009’s “The Modern Sound of Nicola Conte”, but for some reason the double disc version is hard to find.

This is fantastic party music… relaxing music… and Sunday I am sick of car shopping and need some comfort music!  Enjoy!


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