Blowing It All To Smithereens… New Jersey Rocks It To 11

Backstreets is reporting that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be back on the road in 2012.  They have already announced dates in Europe.  This is great news indeed.

While this would normally have me doing some Bruce, I figured that since I have already done so many Bruce albums I’d use it as an opportunity to discuss other Jersey rockers.

The Smithereens – 11

This is another group I have been out of touch with for a long while.  I am not sure how they came back into the conversation, but am glad they did.  The bands they are compared to or at least spoken about in the same circles are bands I love… Marshall Crenshaw, The Posies, The Replacements, The Plimsouls and R.E.M.

This list of the bands who inspired them can all be found in my music collection… This list adds Buddy Holly, Nick Lowe, The Clash, Elvis Costello and of course The Kinks and The Beatles

In turn, The Smithereens also influenced others… “most notably Kurt Cobain during the period he was writing Nevermind. Ironically, some feel the Smithereens (like many early 1990s bands) were hurt by the rise of grunge.”  I did not know that…

The band is usually talked about as a power pop group, but to me they have a real driving rock sound, as well.  The music is definitely catchy and hooky and just plain fun.

They hit the radio big time with “Blood and Roses” off 1986’s Especially For You and the super hit single “Only A Memory” from 1987’s Green Thoughts.

11 boasted three hits including “Blues Before and After”, “Yesterday Girl” and of course, “Girl Like You”.  I did not know that “Girl Like You” was being considered for, but eventually passed over as the theme song for Say Anything.  LOVE Cameron Crowe and LOVE that movie!

Go back and give these guys a listen… lots of really great stuff beyond the hit songs we all probably know… “William Wilson”, for example, has such a great Byrds/Marshall Crenshaw sound!  Mmmm!!!



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One response to “Blowing It All To Smithereens… New Jersey Rocks It To 11

  1. Mark Luera

    Baby be good is one of my favorite smithereens songs one of my favorite bands that are totally underappreciated I was just listening to them the other night in the garage funny the next day a Smithering song was one of Sheri Donovan’s picks on 100.3 the sound

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