Rainy Day Sunshine – China Crisis and Flaunt the Imperfection

This one is for my cousin Rachel and my partner in arms and great pal, Josh… aka Richilieu… aka a few other things I cannot reveal here…

Happy Birthday, both!

Okay, I honestly do not think I have listened to this album since the ’80s… But oh how I loved this record… Loved it.  I think I had it on cassette though… Wow…

On a rainy cold day, like we’re having in LA right now, this delightful jazzy pop will warm your soul.

This was a college discovery and I am not sure who hooked me into this band… but as soon as those opening notes sounded, I was brought right back to a room in my frat house…

China Crisis – Flaunt the Imperfection

You’ll have to trust me on this, but as soon as the album started playing I said to myself… Wow, I do not remember there being so much of a Steely Dan sound… So then I started doing my research and reacquainting myself with the music and it turns out that Walter Becker produced this, their third album.

“China Crisis was so honored to directly work with Becker that they ‘officially’ listed him in the group as a quintet consisting of Daly, Lundon, Johnson, Wilkinson, and Becker on the album’s credits.”

You know I’m a rocker, but I’m also a child of the ’80s and a sucker for all that New Wave music… This band has so much to offer and such a similar vibe to those bands like ABC, The Human League, Howard Jones and of course Donald Fagen and Steely Dan!  They were influenced by The Dan as well as David Bowie, Roxy Music and Brian Eno.

This album was released in 1985 and fits in so nicely with all that music.

The opener “The Highest High” is my favorite track as it just evokes the most memories… “Black Man Ray” is also up there and just a gorgeous piece of pop perfection… This track was a big hit in the UK and while I think the band had some success here, they were never a household name…

I don’t care… I really love this record and am so happy to have found it back in the ’80s and rediscover it again now.

“Spotify” it or track it down… If you love the ’80s and that great jazzy pop, you will thrill in this album.

Happy Sunday!!!


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