Rock n’ Roll And It’s Aftermath – Spending a Week With The Rolling Stones

These guys are pretty prolific… I mean we already knew that but it is worth repeating, especially given the fact that are still out there playing and recording…

The Rolling Stones – Aftermath

This is the 6th Stones studio album released in the States and came to us in June of 1966.  The track listing is different from the UK version.  But I don’t have that one, so…

I never really thought of The Beatles or Stones as cover bands, but of course a lot of their early stuff covered some classics.  The Stones especially loved covering the blues.  It was and continues to be a major influence.  Hell, we all know that “the blues had a baby and they called it Rock n’ Roll.”  Thanks, Muddy Waters!  This album owes a lot to the blues, and so do I.  Some of my best memories come from the clubs of Chicago and seeing folks like Willie Dixon, Albert King, Koko Taylor, Albert Collins, Junior Wells, Sugar Blue, James Cotton and Buddy Guy.

This album, in fact, is the first to “consist exclusively of Mick Jagger/Keith Richards compositions…” and also “the first Rolling Stones album to be recorded entirely in the US, at the legendary RCA Studios in Hollywood, California at 6363 Sunset Boulevard, and the first album the band released in true stereo.”  We drove by the building on my Rock n’ Roll of LA tour and even though it is not the same as it was back then, it was still pretty cool to realize what kind of history and amazing music came out of there…

When I was a kid I loved the song “Stupid Girl”.  Yeah, I know… but I was a kid and I’m a dude, which makes ME a bit stupid in that regard… I just thought it was quite funny.  It is a good song.

One of the things that really impresses me, aside from the classic rockers like the one just mentioned and “Paint It Black”, “Under My Thumb” and “Lady Jane” is the stuff Brian Jones was doing… I had no idea just how versatile he was… According to my go-to source, Wikipedia:

“The album is also notable for its musical experimentation, with Brian Jones playing a variety of instruments not usually associated with rock music—including sitar on “Paint It Black”, the Appalachian dulcimer on “Lady Jane” and “I Am Waiting”, the marimbas (African xylophone) on “Under My Thumb” and “Out of Time” (UK version), harmonica on “High and Dry” and “Going Home”, as well as guitar and keyboards.”

Sad to think that this true musical genius would be gone a mere three years later.  Sadder that this is such a normal part of the world of Rock n’ Roll… At least we have the music… Lots of great music…

So go out and rock your hump day… I’ll meet you after math!


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