I Like Some Girls and Some Girls Like Me – The Rolling Stones

And so the week continues… Maybe it will go the whole week through… Maybe not… That is the great thing about spontaneity… and the great thing about The Stones… so many albums to choose from and enjoy.

The year is 1978 and this is the 14th British studio album and 16th American… and it is the first to fully feature Ronnie Wood.

The Rolling Stones – Some Girls

Mick Jagger says:  “The inspiration for the record was really based in New York and the ways of the town. I think that gave it an extra spur and hardness. And then, of course, there was the punk thing that had started in 1976. Punk and disco were going on at the same time, so it was quite an interesting period. New York and London, too. Paris—there was punk there. Lots of dance music. Paris and New York had all this Latin dance music, which was really quite wonderful. Much more interesting than the stuff that came afterward.

The amazing Sugar Blue plays harmonica on this record… I have not seen him nor heard much about him in years, but I was lucky enough to see him play live several times in Chicago, including a night at the Stones supposed favorite club, the Checkerboard Lounge.  Sadly, no Stones showed up that night… but we did have a family of rats run in front of us as we walked across the street… I cannot recall the address, but it was in a rough and tumble neighborhood and we were definitely the only white college boys in the joint.  I remember opening the door and literally having the whole room turn around and look at us like we were a bit crazy… Kind of like that scene in Animal House.

Jagger is credited with creating most of this album, as Keith Richards was a bit preoccupied with some pretty hard-core legal issues stemming from a heroin bust in Canada.  Keith played on it, of course… but it is generally assumed Mick wrote most of it.

Luckily for Keith, he got off pretty light.  Here is an interesting tid bit from Wikipedia that I did not know:  “As a commemoration of his second lease on life following the end of his heroin addiction, Keith reverted his surname to “Richards” with an “s” for Some Girls, after fifteen years without it.”

Wikipedia also reminded me that this album was not without controversy, especially with the lyrics of “Some Girls” and I totally remember the Garret Morris’ bit on SNL when he did a Weekend Update editorial on the song!  Funny stuff… How I miss those early years of Saturday Night Live, when I would sneak downstairs, turn on the TV and stay up just to watch my hero John Belushi.

There’s a dream unfulfilled… Sigh…

Anyway, this is a great rocking album and features a lot of classic tunes… “Miss You”, “When the Whip Comes Down”, the heavily country tinged and tongue-in-cheek “Far Away Eyes”… I love the way they do this song in the Scorsese film Shine A Light“Beast of Burden” and of course “Shattered”.

The new version has a butt load of extra, unreleased tracks, so there you go… More money out of my pocket… He sighs again…

So yeah, I love Some Girls, but actually I love all girls and this one is for you!


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