People I Actually Know – The World From A Dog’s Eye View and Peter Stuart

All right, I have not seen Peter Stuart since our days at Northwestern.  I remember him playing in a band with Michael Kroll (his 2010 album Salt is quite good) and Sarah Hummon… Wow… blanking on the band name… It just literally went out of my brain… Especially sad since I had a crush on her…


I remember them playing a lot of Paul Simon Graceland covers as well as originals.  They were good… great guitars and harmonies…

In 1996 Peter put out the album Happy Nowhere with the band he formed called Dog’s Eye View.  The single “Everything Falls Apart” hit “#8 on the Top 40 Mainstream charts and #66 on the Billboard Hot 100.”

This is a great song… It just is, and I was thrilled for Peter’s success.  It allowed him to tour with some of my favorite bands like Counting Crows, Del Amitri, and The Wallflowers.  I think he also sang backup for Counting Crows.  I like the whole album a lot and definitely recommend it.

Dog’s Eye View – Daisy

Peter’s alternative rock, singer/songwriter vibe works well and compliments those bands listed above.  That is definitely who I would compare him to.  As much as I love the first album, this one always grabs me because of the song “Last Letter Home.”  Don’t get me wrong, this whole album is great, too… but that song… Musically it hits me right, and lyrically it kills me.  It is simple and perhaps slightly cryptic, but what I get out of it is a lot of personal connection… a lot of pain… and a lot of hope…

AllMusic says:  “Led by Peter Stuart, Dog’s Eye View provides more of the alternative folk-rock that has made them cult faves in the indie rock scene. Stuart’s heartfelt and deeply personal lyrics are at the forefront of Daisy. “The Trouble With Love” mixes autobiography with a catchy melody, while “Homecoming Parade” is a melancholy look at days gone by and opportunities lost… After listening to Daisy, listeners come away with the impression that Stuart’s skills are so formidable, he may be best served by striking out on his own.”

“He released a solo album, Propeller, on Vanguard Records in 2002 and Dog’s Eye View released a third album (also on Vanguard), Tomorrow Always Comes, in 2005, which featured backing vocals by singer Jason Mraz and an appearance from Paul Doucette of Matchbox 20.”

This is some great stuff and I hope you will give them a listen.

And plus, it’s always good to see the world from a dog’s eye view every once in a while.



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3 responses to “People I Actually Know – The World From A Dog’s Eye View and Peter Stuart

  1. Erik

    Just found this article blog and loved it. I am a HUGE Dog’s Eye View/Peter Stuart fan and have been looking for him, literally for years. Is he still performing? Any idea how I can find him?

    • marcsmuse

      Thanks! Sadly I have not seen him in years… Not sure where to start looking… The usual avenues have not been updated in a while… But if you find him, let me know!

  2. Dawn Schuster

    I saw these guys in Norwalk Ct in the 90s and left amazed. Peter Stewart climbed the speakers and sang with such passion. I went back stage to get pics, I was probably one of his older fans, he looked at me and held my hand for a moment. I would luv to know what he was thinking when he wrote small wonders and Haywire, would you be willing. Where ever you are I still listen to you!

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