Am I Doctor Jimmy or Mr. Jim – The Who’s Quadrophenia

I am about to admit something that may scar you… I went to see the film Quadrophenia for one and only one reason… mainly… The ad said there was nudity.  It was the first R-Rated film I snuck into.  My Dad had taken me to see Animal House and sneaking into Porky’s would come later.  Both that one and this one was me and Harry Atlas… For Quadrophenia we were going to hear some good music, we thought.  Although I was not a true Who aficionado at this point… but mostly to see nudity.  Apparently the Screw magazines we stole or “borrowed” from his brother were not enough for us.  We wanted nudity on a big, movie screen!

Doh.  The only nudity was a naked guy in a tub.  )_(*&^%$^&*()_+)(*&^%$!!!!!

And the movie was not a musical like Tommy… Double Doh!

Please do not think less of me.  I hate to admit that as a young lad I was not the Rock n’ Roller I would become… or am today.  It is odd.  I was not into Rock n’ Roll until later, which is hard to believe… but it makes sense when I say I am a man way out of his own time continuum… I am at least ten years late.

I need to revisit the film, as I do not think I have seen it from start to finish since 1979.  Wow.

As far as the album goes, it is one of my all time favorite records and something I might have to take to that old, deserted island if I ever go.  It literally leaves me breathless.

The Who – Quadrophenia

I am enjoying this one so much, I am debating making this a Who week… Hmmm…

The sixth studio album from The Who was released in 1973 and is the second Rock Opera after Tommy, their fourth album that came out in 1969.

According to Wikipedia, because they are saying it better than I could… “Its story involves social, musical and psychological happenings from an English teenage perspective, set in London and Brighton in 1964 and ’65.  The name is a variation on the popular usage of the medical diagnostic term schizophrenia as dissociative identity disorder to reflect the four distinct personalities of Jimmy, the opera’s protagonist – each said to represent the personality of one member of The Who.”

Wikipedia says that the liner notes spells this out further:

A tough guy, a helpless dancer. (“Helpless Dancer” – Roger Daltrey)

A romantic, is it me for a moment? (“Is It Me?” – John Entwistle)

A bloody lunatic, I’ll even carry your bags. (“Bell Boy” – Keith Moon)

A beggar, a hypocrite, love reign o’er me. (“Love Reign O’er Me” – Pete Townshend)

What I know is this… the double album is one hell of a rocker.  And can I just say how much I adore double albums and opening them up like a good book.  Mmm, mmm, mmm!!!

“The Real Me”, the overture-like “Quadrophenia”, “The Punk and the Godfather”, “Helpless Dancer” and “I’ve Had Enough” is just side one!  Are you %$^#%^&*()_ kidding me???  All right friends at The Sound… you know what is coming from me when you do your next album sides weekend.  I am floored as I listen to this again, for the like one millionth time…

Side two opens with a song easily in my top five Who songs… “5:15”!  This songs grabs you by the balls and does not let up… the crazy “Bell Boy”… oh Keith, what happened… “Doctor Jimmy” which we used to crank up to 15 on Jason Korfine’s boom box.

“They say she’s a virgin. Well I”m gonna be the first in.

Her fella’s gonna kill me?  Oh, fuckin’ will he!”

Sorry, I was 16 and that line was a classic for us!

“The Rock”… what a fricking instrumental… and then the stunning closer “Love Reign O’er Me.”

I cannot imagine there is anyone who doubts the power and genius of Pete Townshend, but if they do, even in the slightest, let them give this one a spin. My oh my…

And you know what… I think I may be a little of both… Doctor Jimmy and Mr. Jim… so stay away from me when I drink my gin!


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