Jersey Boy Boss Week – Bruce Springsteen’s Magic

Bruce Springsteen – Magic

This blog goes out to SRM… Happy Birthday!

So… Magic… Let’s be honest… When we heard that Bruce was coming out with a new album we were all thrilled.  When we heard he was calling it Magic… Not so much.  That just seemed too… soft… too pop for Bruce.

This is Bruce’s 15th studio album and came out in 2007.

I will admit that this album took a while to really grow on me.  It was not an instant love affair, which is unusual with a Bruce record.  The true love came when I saw him on this tour.  These songs just come alive on a stage, more so than a lot of his stuff.  Normally I love what is on the record and thrill even more with the live versions.  That is what is amazing about Bruce… he just knows how to do a song… when to change it up and when to leave it alone.

Brendan O’Brien is back producing this one.  He also did The Rising and Devils & Dust.  The E Street Band came in and out when they could and did not record all together, which is too bad and makes a difference, I think.  All in all, however, this is a damn good record, but I am curious if it took you a while to get into like it did me, or if you were on board right away.  Let me know.

“Radio Nowhere” was okay when I first heard it on the radio… I liked it just fine… but it was transformative when I saw it live.  It became this amazing anthem.

“Gypsy Biker” grabbed me right off the bat, as did the light and fun “Girls In Their Summer Clothes.”  Same with “Long Walk Home.”  Especially love that one.  The album does rock and many of the songs are pretty political.  That is another part of Springsteen’s genius.  You can take a song on one, simple level and just rock out… or really sit with the lyrics and realize how deep he is going.

The more I listened to this one, the more I dug it.  It is not in my top Springsteen albums, but I would put it far above most other albums for sure.  And like I said, seeing and hearing these songs on this tour made a huge difference.  It had me going back and re-examining the album… and getting into it a lot more.

That is the MAGIC of the Boss!


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