Sunday Morning Music – The Pearlfishers’ Sky Meadows

I mentioned this band yesterday and have written about them before.  Until Rob hooked me into Trashcan Sinatras, this was the most cherished gift he gave me.  Their lush, melodic, Brian Wilson influenced pop is so easy to listen to and so enjoyable.  I think with TCS, I just really identified with their lyrics and the music hit me on a more personal level.  I was immediately smitten with both… but with TCS I have just moved deeper and deeper and become even more attached.

As much as I love The Pearlfishers, which for all intents and purposes is really just the remarkably talented David Scott and whatever musicians he wants to put together… there is a distance one might experience when listening.  The music is almost too perfect perhaps… each note and orchestration measured and calculated.  Don’t let that comment scare you off… Their music will richly reward you, and many of their songs will embrace you in a warm glow.  On this album there are quite a few…

The Pearlfishers – Sky Meadows

Some of my most favorite tracks are on this one… “Flora Belle”, “Todd is God”, “My Dad the Weatherfan” and the delightful “I Can’t Believe You Met Nancy”.

AllMusic describes the band as “a glorious soft pop band mixing acoustic-based music with subtle orchestral flourishes, rather like a Glasgow-based Prefab Sprout with a major Brian Wilson fixation. Since forming in 1989 the Pearlfishers have refined and broadened their sound while maintaining a steadily growing cult following.”

1997’s The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies is considered their best album by some critics and would go in my top three for sure.  It is a more complete record, absolutely, but I ‘m not sure if I would put it over this.  I think it depends on my listening mood.

This effort came out in 2003 and while it will not change your life like TCS or other things I have suggested, it will give you some pleasure for sure.

Pitchfork says “Plenty of people will find a lot to enjoy in this little ray of sunshine, even if it’s not the masterpiece it wants to be. “My Dad the Weatherfan” is a fine song, for example– perhaps the best The Pearlfishers have ever served up; with the same kind of bounding rhythm and bubbly piano that made Mull Historical Society’s “Watching Xanadu” such a fun trip back to 70s A.M. and a unique lyrical narrative about a son admiring the accuracy of his father’s meteorological predictions, it’s the kind of bubblegum that doesn’t lose its flavor on impact, and it’s the song most likely to stick with you when the album’s over.”

Hey, for me… it is one of those great Sunday morning or afternoon listen.


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