Truly Random Selection – Ben Folds Popped Up On My Spotify

Most of you know I love my Spotify, and I am sure I have invited all of you to partake… If not, shoot me a note and I’ll hook you up.

This does not mean it is flawless… If you opt for the no pay version, you do have to listen to a commercial from time to time… but the idea of having a free and almost limitless virtual jukebox is pretty cool and more than makes up for that.  My other issue is that there are artists who are not on there yet… or, for some artists who are, not all of their songs are available.  This is odd to me.  Today is the perfect example of this.

Ben Folds – The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective

I am stuck in bed again… and no, not for the right or best reason… I cannot shake this headache/cold/watery eyes thing… AAGGHH!  Many Advils and tea and my headache has not budged… Well, maybe a little.

I noticed that a new Ben Folds album popped up.  Yes, it is a greatest hits collection and I already own most of the tracks, but there are a few I do not have, so I threw it in my Spotify folder…

Right off the bat it would not play two tracks… “Philosophy” and “Underground.”  Why?  That is just odd.  I went to Amazon and noticed the album came out today… but it is a three-CD set!  Wow… I have most of those songs, but not all of them… Damn you, Ben!  I am going to have to give this one some thought and exploration… Looks like you threw a lot of cool and hard to find things on there, Mr. Folds.  Well played, sir.

Many of you know how much I love Ben Folds… I just identify with so many of his lyrics.  He writes stunningly beautiful music, yet has such a sarcastic and smart sense of humor… I have said before that he is my musical Doppelganger.

I do not like re-buying music I already have, even if is re-packaged all nice and pretty… Okay, yes the Beatles remasters are amazing, but damn… I spent so much $$$ on those CDs to begin with.  Anyway… this set seems like it has a lot to offer… lots of unreleased and rare stuff… and there is a single disc version for those newbies.  For us fans, we may have to bite the proverbial bullet… but it’s a nice bullet…

Of course you may feel free to send me one, Sony… Yes, I am talking to you, Sony!  I don’t think Sony is listening!

“Brick” is the radio staple heartbreaker… “Annie Waits” is one of my favorites and hits all of us waiting for perfection.  I think “Rockin’ the Suburbs” is fun.  Sorry, Ian… I really like it and love cranking it up… and I know you think it is slight.  “One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces” is the anthem for those of us who were teased in school.  And the stunning yet painful “Still Fighting It” is the anthem for those of us who are still a bit lost even now.

“Everybody knows, it sucks to grow up

And everybody does

It’s so weird to be back here…”

“… And you’re so much like me.  I’m sorry.” Wow, does that cut to the bone or what!!!  Honesty to a musical fault.

I have not heard this extended version!!!  In songs like that and “Gracie” and “The Luckiest” you realize how insightful his brain is and just how deep his heart goes… The man is a poetic mix of everything.  That’s it… true musical poetry.  Thanks, Ben!


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