Mark Knopfler’s Local Hero – My Chicken Soup/Comfort Music and Movie

Fighting a Fall cold today.  Yuk.  Ironic that I started putting out the bonus posts, too… Check out the new series – Music To Make Love To… Although I will not be putting out any tonight… Physical love that is… Only in my mind…

I seem to have no immunity to germs, although I don’t think I have had a full on cold for a while.  I thought I would be done with it yesterday when I had zero energy, but getting up today was no fun either.

Right now the head and temples are pounding, the eyes are watery and the back aches, so I definitely needed some music to soothe all of that… Something that is not too loud, but won’t put me to asleep as I am under a tight deadline for a few different writing gigs.


Mark Knopfler – Local Hero

I still cannot believe my buddy Rob has not seen this film.  For anyone who loves Scotland… and he and I LOVE Scotland, this is a beautiful love song along the lines of those Woody Allen made for and about New York City.  This is one of those movies that gives me great comfort and joy, it soothes my soul and reconnects me with the world.  Seriously.  It is that good.  Ironically, he directed a film called Comfort and Joy, which I have not seen… What is wrong with me?  Netflix!  Netflix!!!  Wait… I just cancelled the service because of their utter stupidity… And my local Blockbuster closed… Hmmm…

The writer/director, Bill Forsyth also made the utterly delightful Gregory’s Girl in 1981.  It is another of my absolute favorites and one I’d also put on my comfort film list.  It won the BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay and “was ranked #30 in the British Film Institute’s list of the top 100 British films and #29 on Entertainment Weekly‘s list of the 50 best high school movies.”

His films are quirky and sweet, but also deeply personal.  They connect a place and time so wonderfully.  Both are still so relevant in today’s world… dated slightly, yes… but there is still plenty to show you that things are still basically the same.  Local Hero stars Peter Riegert and Burt Lancaster and won Forsyth a BAFTA for directing.

The soundtrack was written by Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits.  He also did the amazing music for The Princess Bride… another absolute favorite film of mine… Could have totally talked about that one, too… Inconceivable!

The music here tells the story so well, and captures the themes of earth and sea brilliantly.  The soundtrack works on its own as a stunning suite of music, but with the images of Scotland and the moving pictures, it is even better.

The late, great Gerry Rafferty, who only passed away this past January, provided the vocals for “The Way It Always Starts”.  Most will know Gerry from his solo hits “Baker Street”and “Right Down the Line” and “Stuck in the Middle” with the band Stealers Wheel.

Not to use a cliché, but do not walk to this film and soundtrack… run!  Both will deliver such rich rewards and will just make you happy.  Look at that… I’m feeling better!


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