Since I Can’t Throw One of My Own – Fitz and the Tantrums

What a shitty few days of being a sports fan… Yankees out… FYI for my friend Gregg, if you are not a Tigers fan, you don’t get to call or text or be a weenie… And even if you were a Tigers fan, don’t do it.  Be a good winner… show some class… I am so gonna send Frank McCourt to your house.  Every time the Yankees lose, I don’t even have to be watching… I just wait and see if Gregg texts me… Guess what… in the middle of Max Weinberg… Gregg texting…

LA Kings… butt whipping today… Way early in the season, but still… And finally… the coup de grace… Northwestern put out yet another brilliant second half and blew a game they were leading… They lose to Army… then they blow an 18 point lead to Illinois last week… and today… 10 point lead, and then decide to let Michigan have 28 unanswered points… 28.

They are trying hard to be the worst team in the Big Ten… May not be able to knock Minnesota or Indiana out of that spot, but then again, they way they are playing and getting out coached, they could go winless in the conference.  So much for Persa and the Heisman.  Doh!

So, it is the end of Yom Kippur… Part of the reason for this being so late… Sorry East Casters.  I need to ask for forgiveness of those I have wronged… and accept the apologies of those who have wronged me.  Here I am, open to that… Forgive me.  I will try to be better this year… Kinder, nicer, happier… and I will work harder to achieve my goals and dreams…

Time is short… We do not know what the future holds, so we must live every day as if it is our last… Although… I did discover one major flaw with this philosophy.  As far as motivation goes and kicking you in the butt to do things and accomplish things it is great.  But if I think today is my last day… am I REALLY gonna eat healthy and go to the gym?  I think not… I think I am making the rounds at Del Taco and Spago and The French Laundry and In n’ Out… Sorry.

Fitz and the Tantrums – Pickin Up the Pieces

What is old is new again.  Retro is so in these days… Look at the fantabulous Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings… delicious old school R&B and Soul!

This band is from LA and was only formed in 2008.  This debut came out over a year ago and I actually heard about them from some emails… Like emails from the band or the label… It was odd… Great marketing, but odd… I opened my mailbox and there was Fitz!

This album is a fairly polished effort and has a really great sound, reminiscent of the Stax and Motown labels but contemporary to be sure… Michael Fitzpatrick calls the band “soul-influenced indie pop.”

They have opened for Hepcat, a great ska and reggae band from LA and Maroon 5… and have made their way through all the late night talk shows!

“MoneyGrabber” has definitely made the rounds and is a track I am guessing you’ve heard… but the whole record is worth a spin or two… I think you will dig it.

So regardless of how your day has been, let’s throw a good tantrum!


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