For Those Mondays When You Need a Kick In The %&! Proudly Presenting The Wombats!

Man, do I need a kick in the ass today.  I am trying to clean and purge and get the crap out of my life so I can focus on the good stuff… Life is too short, the time to act is now… Act and write and fulfill all the dreams that keep us going.  Keep your eye on the big picture… be aware of the little things, but don’t let them bog you down… Onwards and upwards…

Stop, listen and take things in before you respond or take action… Really see what you see… hear what you hear… feel what you feel.  There are many subtleties and things that take a bit of sensitivity… Easy, baby, easy…

Back to the piles… AAGGHH!!!

So yeah, I need some fun, kick ass music to kick me in the back side.

The Wombats – The Wombats Proudly Present A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation

It has been a while since I have pulled out a great Power Punk Pop selection… and this is a really good one!

The band is from Liverpool and are placed in either the Indie Rock or Power Pop genre, but there is also a punk element, which is why I prefer my category.  AllMusic says “British indie rock trio the Wombats make driving guitar post-punk and electronic-influenced pop.”  Okay, we’re on the same page for sure!

I put them up there with The Rifles, The Twlight Sad, Kaiser Chiefs, The Fratellis and a whole bunch of great UK bands.  Their songs are fast, great little diddies that fly by and keep you moving and bopping.

I love “Kill the Director,” “Moving to New York,” “Backfire at the Disco” and especially “Let’s Dance to Joy Division,” the song that AllMusic calls “a genuinely swell bit of tongue in cheek new wave revivalism.”

If you took me up on my invitation to join Spotify, you will find this one and their newest album to listen to… so you have NO excuses.

Come on, you know you need a little musical caffeine!


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