So Beautiful Or So What Is Something So Right – Paul Simon Brings Me Back

Just when I thought people could not get any stranger… or more pathetic… I was at the Geffen Playhouse yesterday for a matinee of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, which I highly recommend.  It is a great play with interesting metaphors for the state of the world and the odd cultural conspiracies of the US… Fantastic acting… amazing writing… a blast of a time.

So at one point in the play, one of the actors throws into the audience, fake dollar bills with his picture on them.  During intermission I grabbed one off the floor and put it, along with my ticket stub in my program… I put my program under the seat and went into the lobby.

When I got back to my seat, someone had taken the dollar AND my ticket stub and placed the program back under the seat.  WTF???!!!  At first I thought, okay, it just fell out, but I looked all around and neither were anywhere.  That is some f’ed up shit right there and pretty darn pathological and a bit creepy.

You’re gonna steal a ticket stub and a fake dollar bill?  Really???!!!  And we wonder why the world is so messed up… Learn some manners and civility people.  Be a human being for heaven’s sake… I’m serious.  This may be a minor thing, but it is a behavioral trait and a harbinger of things to come for this person… Trust me.

Wow… Anyway… to quote the great David Mamet… “so that happened…”

Paul Simon – So Beautiful Or So What

This is Simon’s 12th studio album and came out on April 8, 2011.  I got it shortly after that but did not really listen to it that much until a few weeks ago… I gave it the once over and that was it… Why?  I don’t quite know.  I think it’s that I have way too much music and things can sometimes get lost, even new albums and acquisitions…

Okay, one can never have too much music, really… as long as we actually listen and enjoy on a daily basis.  Yes, it can be daunting, but at least for me, I never really know what I may be in the mood for or need on any given day.  That is what makes online juke boxes and services like Rhapsody and Spotify so appealing.  They don’t have everything but my strikeouts have been minimal.

I am a visceral person, so I would still rather touch an album or even a CD, but space or lack there of is key… so digital seems to be the answer.

The album before this was Surprise, which was considered a comeback of sorts.  It was well received but I don’t think as consistent as this one.  Producer Brian Eno also leaves a very distinct fingerprint.  I still enjoy that album, particularly the song “Father and Daughter”, which is one of the most moving tunes Simon has ever written and especially meaningful for me and my J.

But this one seems to take the best of Paul Simon’s sounds and thrust it into the present… old and new all mixed together.  It looks at the modern world and deals with some heavy meditations… but rhythm and joy are always there.  Producer and Mixer Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Elton John, Macca, etc. and amazing innovator, by the way… remarkable…) obviously understands Simon on many levels.

It opens with a Christmas tune that will have folks thinking Graceland…. This was actually an older song of Paul’s (Nov. 2010) and serves as further proof that nice Jewish boys write the BEST Xmas music!  A lot of this album will have you thinking Graceland… and the whole album will have you thinking Paul Simon is back!  What a joy… and something I need when my faith in humanity is tested or questioned or teased… even a little bit.


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