A Hidden Gem Discovered: Beckley Lamm Wilson’s Like A Brother

Writing is a solitary thing… which is why I should have been a TV writer… I love hanging out with people, especially funny people and I love to make people laugh… Career realization too late?  Well, TV land does not like writers of age… Am I old?  Hell, no!  Too old for TV perhaps, rabbit, perhaps.  Lesson learned… start earlier and never stop… keep writing… and you know what, you are never too old to pursue your dreams… Lesson two… finish your damn TV scripts, Marc!  Seriously… Go!!!

What is funny to me and perhaps a bit odd is that I do not like being by myself… Or at least I didn’t like it… For the longest time I could not go to the movies by myself… Now I enjoy it… and eating in a nice restaurant solo… forget it… Casual places, fine, who cares… but a 4 star joint… No way… Can’t do it… I think… maybe I can now… I don’t know… Anyway…

When writing about music I am never really alone.  I have albums and CDs and digitally encoded music to keep me company.  My house or car is filled with sounds and songs and they in turn fill me.  I love sharing musical discoveries with people… or just bonding over shared experiences.  This is what life is meant to be…a big communal table filled with fabulous food and wines… fabulous people and conversation… and the very best music… either live or on the stereo.  Music is a constant companion and can get us through so much.

Beckley Lamm Wilson – Like A Brother

This album is a great pal… just soothing and comforting.  It may be a little poppy and too produced for some, but hearing the three of these guys together gives me joy.  I was writing about the Beach Boys, when my friend Patrick mentioned the album Surf’s Up and the too often unheralded contributions of Carl Wilson.  He definitely seems to get lost out of the three brothers, even though he sang lead on my favorite “God Only Knows” and “Good Vibrations.”  He was the younger Wilson brother and died in 1998 from lung and brain cancer.  This is especially sad given that this record was recorded between 1992 to 1997 and not released until 2000.  Timing sometimes is a bitch.

Gerry Beckley of America, Robert Lamm of Chicago and Carl Wilson had known each other for years.  They first sang together in 1990 on Robert’s solo album, doing the great song “Watching the Time Go By.”  The experience was so good, it led to this, and on this album they do a new version of that song called more simply “Watching the Time.”

The vocals and harmonies here are great, and while Wilson dominates the disc, all three shine.  As I said before there are some who may find the album too produced, but the themes and lyrics are quite introspective and pretty deep.  “Like a Brother” is a tribute to Brian and very telling and revealing.

This is an album I did not know existed, but am so happy to have found… See, this is how it works… Patrick put me on a search of Carl Wilson’s solo and side projects and a better look at his Beach Boys contributions… and then I find this little gem!

That is why with music, we are never alone.


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