My Morning Jacket – It All Starts With “Z”

Last night was a rough night.  Not to get into specifics, but I found myself driving down one canyon, up the PCH and then up another canyon.  The sun roof, or moon roof, or whatever it is called was open, my dog was next to me, and My Morning Jacket was blasting on the stereo.

So in honor of their just announced LA show on December 1st and for getting me through last night, I say thank you to MMJ.  This is the third album of theirs on Marc’s Muse and I have to say that they are the best live band out there right now.  Okay, they are pretty darn good on vinyl, too… but there is something about seeing them live… the energy, the joy, the mysterious “thing” that is often and simply defined as just having “it.”

My Morning Jacket – Z

I think I actually hooked into these guys a little while before my brother (thanks, Cameron Crowe) but he took the band and ran… He went to every one of their shows at Terminal 5 and absolutely adores these guys… My love affair was more of a long, slow burn.  I always liked them, but it took a little more for me to be as much of a fanatic.  Now my love is pretty strong and solid and is not fading…

This is their fourth studio album and came out in 2005.  Many critics feel that this was a major transition for the band and a point of real growth.  They seemed to be critical darlings from the get go, but this album is most definitely more refined and what an album it is.  If you want to get a taste for them live, listening to Okonokos is a must.  “It was recorded at the end of the Z Tour and was released on September 26, 2006; it features live versions of eight of Z’s 10 songs.”

This album is probably my favorite of theirs, although honestly, it is hard to choose… I am in love with the first three songs… “Wordless Chorus,” It Beats 4 U” and “Gideon,” with the latter becoming one of my favorites songs after seeing it live.  Again, I liked this one from the moment I heard it, but there is just something about seeing them live, especially with a song like this.  They are such a tight band and are still genuinely in love with making and performing music.  That is simply infectious.

The whole album is an utter joy, but of course “Off the Record,” “Anytime” and “Dondante” are three more of my standout tracks.

All I can say is listen to this band… go see them live.  If you know them, you obviously know what I am talking about.  If you do not… what the %$^&*()*&^%$#%^&* are you waiting for???

They are easily on the very top of my “Must Listen To List!”

So grab your pipe, put on your fuzzy slippers and slip into My Morning Jacket… I guarantee the slippers will be kicked off soon after… and the pipe, well… You probably should not be smoking anyway…


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