The Real and Much Healthier Big Mac – Fleetwood Mac (For Steph!)

Yesterday was my 200th album.  I have to say, honestly, it is quite an accomplishment.  I have not missed a day due to illness or travel or just not wanting to write a damn word.  I have sat my ass down and written… every single day.  Has it made me any money?  No.  Has it advanced my career as a screenwriter, copywriter, grant writer or writer for hire?  No.  Does that part make my wife a little crazy and have her question why I do it?  Hell yes!!!  (Hey, it frustrates me, too.)  But to her credit, she is a supportive and hard working wife who lets me write about music.

So, I figured two things… One, I’ll write about her favorite band… Two, I’ll dedicate the day’s blog to her for her birthday… Surely that will give this endeavor a much higher value in her mind, win me major points and have her be okay with it for a little while longer… Well, 164 albums longer… Hmmm… I’ll need something else big in a week or two to keep the good mojo going… Or something medium would be fine… Okay, anything… Work with me on this one!

Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac

Tenth album… second eponymous album… first with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, who interestingly are both on the road and will be in California at almost the same time in October!  Not the crazy, 19x Platinum that Rumors would become… but at 5x Platinum… this put the Mac in a whole new arena… literally… and would make the musical superstars!

The year was 1975.  Bob Welch had left the band…  Oops… He’d have an okay solo career, but nothing like Over My Head“, “Rhiannon” andSay You Love Me“, the top three hits off this one… and of course my favorite Fleetwood Mac song (perhaps tied with Silver Springs) “Landslide”.  Funny, I was JUST listening to the The Smashing Pumpkins cover of this the other day!  And the band Venice does an amazing cover!!!  Venice… The Wall… Ahhh… See how it all comes around?

Crystal (original version here) is a killer song from the 1973 Buckingham-Nicks album, that is still shockingly and disturbingly not available on CD or digitally, except for bootlegs… Yes, I have one and I have waxed poetic about it… Gorgeous, gorgeous record.

They were both so good and so fully formed before joining Fleetwood Mac… and just look at what they brought to that band.  Lindsey Buckingham is one of the most underrated and amazing guitarists ever… Love his new album and so excited to see him in October.  Thanks 100.3 The Sound!!!

This album is classic rock… it is what I listened to in those formative rock music years… It is Steph’s favorite band, and while she did not buy into the whole arena rock of Journey, Styx and Foreigner… she loved Fleetwood Mac.

So I give her this album to listen to, this blog to read, a lot of thanks and gratitude and love and wish her a very happy birthday… Yes, I got her something else, too… Sheesh!  You people!!!


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