It Was 40 Years Ago Today – Imagine What Might Have Been, John Lennon… Imagine and Always Remember

John Lennon – Imagine

It was 40 years ago today… How is that possible?  It’s not… It just is not!

Andy Chanley is now playing side one of Imagine on vinyl on The Sound 100.3.  Thanks, Andy.  He is playing this so that we can all IMAGINE what the world might be like today had John lived… had peace lived and thrived…

We all know what this weekend means… Some more than others.  I cannot even imagine their pain… fully… completely.

I have my own pain.  We all do.  I still cannot look at pictures of my city in ashes without crying.  I cannot look at the images of the planes and those subhuman barbarians.  I cannot do it.  I do not need to “remember” because I will never forget.  EVER!

A friend from high school was lost.  My mother was actually on a PATH train under the building.  They were the last train sent back to Jersey.  I will never forget the stories she told about people who were so pissed off for not being able to get to work… Yelling and getting angry… At that point they had no idea what was going on.  When they did, the train fell silent.  A man across from her looked stunned and lost.  He told my mother that he overslept and had he not, he would have been in one of the towers.

That was my city… my birth place and I will never forget.

My brother got married a month later.  I remember taking a train from the airport to Grand Central Station.  His apartment was a long way away, and a cab would have been the way to go… but I had to walk my city.  I had to have my feet on her ground.  So I walked… and walked… the smell of chemicals was still in the air… it was still smoky and dusty and broken.  As I sadly strolled the streets of Manhattan people were afraid to make eye contact.  Everyone was in a haze of despair and pain and even a month later, shock.  I will never forget that.

New York City was where I was born.  New York City is and will always be my spiritual home.  I will never forget what happened to you, my city… I will never forget what happened to all of those mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.  Our people… our brothers and sisters and friends and lovers.  We want peace, we desperately need peace, but me must not be so naive to think that there is not truly evil, unspeakable, unrepentant evil in the world.  By all means, hold the olive branch and dove high, reach out… but do not put down the sword, for we must protect freedom and love and each other.  We must.

On September 9, 1971 John Lennon gifted us his second album.  “Imagine” would become John’s anthem… perhaps the song most people would associate with him for the rest of his life and beyond.  It is unimaginable that only 9 years later he would be gone.

I love parts of this album for sure… It is powerful stuff… “Jealous Guy” is a classic track and one my favorite Lennon tunes, I also dig “Gimme Some Truth,” “How” and “Oh Yoko!”… but if I had to pick the albums I love more, from start to finish, I would go with Double Fantasy or his first solo outing, Plastic Ono Band.

That’s not to say I do not worship this one… and that is the thing about John, too… Almost everything he touched turned to some powerful, musical gold.  It may have taken us a while to get some things… or come to them… but he opened our hearts and souls and minds… his music, his being, the man… made us imagine.

That we will never forget either.


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