Bob Seger – Riding on the Silver Bullet From Detroit Rock City

I had a crush on my Pledge mom.  Her name was Denise.  She was from Detroit.  One of her gifts to me, which was also supposed to help me guess who she was, was a cassette of Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits.  Bob was from Detroit, but I am guessing you know that.

I wore that tape out.

The night we followed yarn wound through the entire fraternity house… a crazy endeavor given that we had to periodically stop and do shots… was the drunkest I have ever been.  Sick beyond beleif.  I did not like that feeling and luckily have never replicated it.  I do like Saunder’s Hot Fudge.  It is also from Detroit.  Thank you.

In listening to 100.3 The Sound’s fantastic A-Z (going on ALL this weekend) I was reminded of how great Bob Seger is… and how many hits the man has… And yes, I was reminded of Denise, my Pledge Mom who I had a crush on.  Sigh…

Bob Seger – Night Moves

See what I did there?  I just spent a whole lot of words talking about Bob’s greatest hits and I went with a straight old Seger album.

Ah, 1976… our Bicentennial!  This was Bob’s ninth album and his first with the Silver Bullet Band… but on almost half of the tracks he is backed by the amazing and enduring Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.  Night Moves is the one that pushed him into the spotlight and got him the attention he deserved… Three singles… two monster hits and a platinum record.  Rock on, Bob!

“Night Moves” hit #4, “Mainstreet” #24 and “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” at #41… Surprised those last two did not peak higher.  I forgot just how much I love this album… This was a good one to go back to for sure.  Straight ahead, raspy, gritty Rock n’ Roll!

I also love “Come to Poppa” and “The Fire Down Below.”

Kit Rachlis from Rolling Stone said that “Seger sounds like Rod Stewart and writes lyrics like Bruce Springsteen, and that album is classic rock and roll.”

Live’ Bullet is also on my must hear list and I cannot believe I have never given that one a spin.  But hey, that’s why a musical education is a lifelong endeavor… and fun one at that.

Toot, toot… now boarding the Silver Bullet express of Rock n’ Roll… NOT Coors Light!


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