Beatles Week: The Magical Mystery Tour Is Coming To Take Me Away

I have played a total of four instruments in my life… I started off on trumpet and was one of the few kids whose parents would actually ask me to STOP practicing.  I was not very good.  I think part of it was that we were never played Miles Davis or Dizzy Gillespie but marching band music, which left me a bit uninspired.  I would like to think that if I was exposed to jazz or great horn-infused rock like Chicago at an earlier age, I might have stuck with it.  Then again, maybe not.  It’s just a theory.  I did not last much longer on the clarinet… the idea was to start there and move to the much sexier sax… never happened.  Nor did I last too long on guitar… I still know a few chords and licks, but I feel that returning, or the ukulele is in my future.  I did last on harmonica and although it has been a long while since I have really played, I am still pretty good.

Why did I bring that up?  Because I realized, while watching the great Rush documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage last night, that I never really listened to music with the ear of a musician… Okay, most of us don’t, but you miss quite a lot.  You still appreciate, but you do not become as enveloped… At least I don’t think you do.  I so wish that these albums had inspired me onto a more musical path… I mean, they did of course… on a path of true joy and appreciation, but they did not put me on the road of the troubadour.

The first Beatles album I ever owned was The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl.  This one also came into my life quite early, along with the “greatest hits” collections, the double LPs. Red and Blue albums.

The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour

Let the psychedelia continue!

I skipped quite a few of the early albums and was going to skip one of the later Beatles albums for the sake of space and time… I only gave myself a week after all.  So I decided that as much as I would like to live on a Yellow Submarine, that is the one I would pass on… for now.

I will, at some point soon, attempt to put the Beatles catalog in order of my favorites… That will not be an easy task.  And I can tell you after three days this week, that order has changed.  Interesting…

This one always felt like a hodge podge of sorts and that is because they were originally going to release it as either an EP or Double EP, and Capitol made them add singles to it for the US release.  The original would be a nice collectible!!!

It includes the six-song soundtrack to the 1967 film with faves like the title song, “The Fool On The Hill” and  “I Am The Walrus”… and “and  then “Hello Goodbye,” “Strawberry Fields Forever” (up there on my fave list) “Penny Lane” (ditto), “Baby You’re A Rich Man” and the iconic, Lennon anthem “All You Need Is Love.”

Cheap Trick has been doing this album in concert, which I have missed, but I would imagine would be a blast.

So there you have it… another great record, no matter the length, song numbers or approach.  Revisiting these albums is totally blowing my mind!  Goo Goo Ga Joob!


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