Super Duper Group – The Traveling Wilburys

When I first started getting into wine many years ago, my mother was afraid that I would only be interested in fancy $100 + bottles of wine.  I explained to her that knowledge of fine wine meant that I would be able to pick out great wines at any price point.  I also told her that the most important thing with drinking wine is that you drink what you like… To heck with anyone else’s opinion or the price point.  Well, okay, if you enjoy ’59 Lafite, you may have to worry about the price point.

The same goes for music… Damn the torpedoes I say!  Listen to what you like… Form your own musical opinions and by all means listen, listen, listen and enjoy music!  That is the key.

Traveling Wilburys – Traveling Wilburys, Volume 1

The reason I brought up the whole wine thing was because I think a lot of folks dismiss this album as a vanity project lacking true musical merit.  Maybe I am wrong… but I do recall a musical backlash along the lines of what The Eagles get.

While there was an additional “volume” nothing will ever top this fun rock n’ roll romp!  And no matter what anyone else says, I love this record.

The band is made up of true superstars and is the very definition of a supergroup.  Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty, along with drummer Jim Keltner.  The band recorded this one in 1988 and a follow-up in 1990, though sadly Roy Orbison had passed before the second album was recorded.

From Wikipedia:  “Wilbury” was a slang term first used by Harrison during the recording of Cloud Nine with Jeff Lynne. Referring to recording errors created by some faulty equipment, Harrison jokingly remarked to Lynne, “We’ll bury ’em in the mix”.  Thereafter, they used the term for any small error in performance and the term was used again when the group were together. Harrison suggested “The Trembling Wilburys” as the group’s name; instead, Lynne suggested “Traveling”, with which the group agreed.”

The album is just plain fun and seeing and hearing these legends rocking together and truly enjoying themselves is well worth the price of admission!  It is also a big part of the pleasure.  Too many folks take themselves way too seriously.  Music and performning and the arts is supposed to be fun… and when the artists are having it, we do, too.

So take a rockin’ journey and travel with me and the Wilburys!



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