Rockabye Sweet Baby James – James Taylor’s Classic Songs

JT!  How I love thee, let me count the ways!

How is it possible that I have not yet spoken about James Taylor???  The man is an icon and one of my (yes, everyone’s) favorite singer/songwriter/performers of ALL-TIME!

This is probably the way many of us heard music for the first time… I mean REALLY HEARD IT… and understood it.  I had a baby sitter who used to sing me to sleep while playing James Taylor on her guitar.  Yes, I had a crush on her, too, but that is besides the point.

I have seen James live many times, including at the Hollywood Bowl when I was introduced to him by the fantastically talented John Pizzarelli, a friend of mine from Knights Day Camp who was playing guitar for him that night!

I’ll never forget John saying, “James, James, this is Marc… my camp friend.”

I love many of James’ albums… okay, most of his albums… but I picked this one because it has so many classics… duh… Guess that’s why they call it Classic Songs…

James Taylor – Classic Songs

Sorry, this one is an import and I bought it when I was in London years and years ago.  I just liked the tracks better than the standard issue Greatest Hits.  Fear not, you can find it on eBay or Amazon for a decent price, so go get it!

“Fire and Rain” may be everyone’s favorite song, and it is certainly up there for me, but oddly it is from this album that I think I first heard MY favorite JT song… “That’s Why I’m Here.”

A collection, of course, is a great way to learn about an artist and get a career overview and this one is no exception… but I highly encourage you to go deep into his catalog.  There are so many wonderful songs and albums.

So if you’re feeling happy or sad, need a lift of a lullaby, Sweet Baby James is here to rock us.


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