Where Flamenco and Latin and Metal Collide – Rodrigo y Gabriela (11:11)

Rodrigo y Gabriela – 11:11

Many people say that 1111 is good luck, the number of the angels… I believe that… and always take note of it when it pops up on the clock or a watch… Now my daughter does the same thing.  She loves seeing 11:11… She points it out and it makes her so happy… and then we all make a wish!  So J… this one can be for you.

I am not the first to say this, but I would describe them as Flamenco Metal guitar players… Whatever they are, it is a unique take on Latin and World music and is just an absolute joy to behold.  I saw them last night at the Hollywood Bowl… They are technical masters to be sure, virtuosos… but what makes them so damn enjoyable is how much passion and love and joy they exude on stage.  They play off each other as only passionate couples truly can.  Their rapport comes from an obvious love of each other (they are married), and the music and instruments they play.  What a show.  And the opener Los Amigos Invisibles was really a blast, too.

The irony of today’s entry is that I heard about both of these artists/bands from KCRW… It is ironic, because I was supposed to volunteer for KCRW’s pledge drive yesterday and the day before, but was unable to do it because of time commitments.  Knowing I was going to see the band Friday night and having way too much to do, I had to skip both shifts… and since I will be gone for the rest of the drive, it will be the first time in a long, long while that I have not volunteered for at least a day or two during a pledge drive… Sorry folks.  Someone else will gladly take your call, eat gourmet food and hopefully come home with some fabulous new music or a cool door prize.  I so love being at KCRW… great folks, great volunteers…

Here is a little history from Wikipedia…

“The musicians gained a reputation by playing in the pubs and bars of Dublin, Ireland, and despite their unusual style, gained a cult following. Reviewing one of their gigs, The Independent notes that “Rodrigo y Gabriela’s secret is maybe quite simple. They are resourceful musicians, and are open-hearted, happy entertainers. That, very often, is what people want.”  After Friday night, I would agree… So much fun to watch artists having so much fun!

“Both live a vegan lifestyle and support animal rights.”  This would explain the cool, “Tofu Mafia” shirt Rodrigo was wearing.  I was thinking that I needed to track one down for my almost Vegan friend Josh.

This is their third studio album and came out in 2009… and it has 11 tracks.  Go figure.  The great world music artists Strunz & Farah play on “Master Maqui.”

The album, like seeing them live, captures their amazing energy and immediacy and especially the pleasure and bliss.  Gabriela’s style, while flamenco influenced, has her beating out the most intricate rhythms on the face of her guitar… and her guitar becomes both a string AND percussion instrument of amazing power.

This is joyous music if ever there was.  All Music describes them as “orgiastic.”  If you can get out to the Bowl tonight to see their last “gig” of the tour, as Gabriela so adoringly put it… GO!  Who calls playing at the Hollywood Bowl a gig?  Love it!

If not, grab any one of their CDs.  You will be richly rewarded!


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