I Cannot Even Get Arrested in This Town, Somebody Call The Police – Synchronicity

Shea Stadium… 1983… Joan Jett opened up… and I think David Johansen was on before her… Getting there was a challenge… a truck side swiped us and took off… We were fine, the car was not… Nothing major, but still… a bunch of kids in a station wagon… We were able to get there and back, but man… We had to relieve ourselves into empty beer bottles… Sorry, but if you want specific and visual details, there you go… It was a crazy station wagon ride into New York City and Queens.

The Police – Synchronicity

Hard to believe this would be their farewell album, but it was… Five and out.  Bam!  I guess if you’re gonna go out, go out on top!  This one rocks through 11 amazing tracks and highlights their unique style, a New Wave mix of rock, jazz and a whole lot of reggae.

We all know that Gordon Sumner started out as a teacher before becoming Sting, and probably know more about his tantric sex.  The Halloween Party I was talking about the other day had me standing on a tennis court next to Sting.  I remember he looked over at me and asked if I liked these guys… referring to Jane’s Addition.  I said yes… We then talked about his Broadway turn in The Threepenny Opera, which I had seen, and had a nice conversation going until a beautiful woman walked by… and then… he… or I… was done.

Andy Summers (guitars) and Stewart Copeland (drums) helped make up a pretty powerful trio.  The group lasted from 1977 to 1984 and had a brief reunion in 2007-2008, which was a decent, if somewhat strained show.  I caught them at the Hollywood Bowl and the fun seemed a bit superficial, at least for Sting, who I saw making odd facial expressions from time to time.  Was not too sure if he REALLY wanted to be on this tour.  The Shea Stadium show and the times I saw them at the Brendan Byrne Arena were amazing, however.  Their energy and what seemed like true, musical spontaneity was electric.

The highlights for me on this one are “Synchronicity II,” “King of Pain,” “Tea in the Sahara” and “Murder by Numbers” which may just be my two favorite Police songs.  And yes, I do like the ballads “Every Breath You Take” and “Wrapped Around Your Finger.”

This album got a lot of play by me and my friends back in the day… It still gets a lot of play.  Despite the crazy egos and stories, they were a great band.

And yes, I am STILL trying to get arrested… in the metaphorical sense of the word.


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  1. Pat O'Connor

    Should you be considering public transit to get to music events?

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