Marc Loves Hooters… and Chachi! It is a Nervous Night!

No, not the “restaurant.”  I actually have never been in one… And not the slang word for a woman’s breasts… Well, now wait a minute… I do appreciate the beauty of all women, but I don’t want people getting all up in my face, so I am talking about the band.  Sheesh!  Come on, people!  (Keep reading to see where the name actually comes from!)

Okay… more confessions… I did not really love Chachi either… Scott Baio is cool and all, don’t get me wrong, but I had a little crush on Erin Moran as Joanie… and Lauren Tewes from The Love Boat… and the big one was Kim Richards from Escape to Witch Mountain and Hello Larry, NOT the satanic Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… That just hurts me!!!

Those were my little boy crush loves… and by now it should be very clear that I also, really love me my ’80s music.  It is what I grew up on and what I listened to in my formative years… Which I guess means, it’s what got me through puberty and stuff like that.

Hooters (The) – Nervous Night

These guys played my cousin’s prom in Jenkintown, PA.  How cool is that?  The band is from Philadelphia and actually opened the Philly part of Live Aid in 1985.  This album came out in 1985… after they played almost all the instruments on Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual.

Sorry, but I also love me some Wikipedia… That and the All Music Guide make my fact-finding easy and fun…

“The Hooters’ 1985 Columbia Records debut album, Nervous Night, achieved platinum status around the world, selling in excess of 2 million copies and included Billboard Top 40 hits “Day By Day” (No. 18), “And We Danced” (No. 21) and “Where Do The Children Go” that featured accompanying vocals from Patty Smyth (No. 38). There was also a drastically different version of the live crowd favorite “All You Zombies” that was now laden with a dramatic keyboard arrangement. This song also made the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #58.Rolling Stone named The Hooters the Best New Band of the Year.”

Obviously they never enjoyed the huge success as a band on albums after this, but both Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman (who met at Penn in 1971) have had great careers.

Eric helped write, produce and play on Joan Osborne’s stunning Relish“One of Us” was all him as a writer!  And Rob acted in the same fashion for Joan and Ricky Martin and co-wrote “Time After Time.”

The band reunited in 2001 and apparently are still together and playing from time to time.  I have never seen them live and they did not play my prom.  (*&^%$#^&*()_+)(*&^%$!!!!!  Or did I see them live?  Hmmm… I think I did, but where and when?  Wow, Ginkgo Biloba anyone?  My brain is in need of a tidying up!  I need to figure that one out for sure.

Regardless, this album just makes me happy.  From the opening of And We DancedMelodica (NICKNAMED A HOOTER!!!)… to “Day by Day,” “Hanging on a Heartbeat,” and “Where Do the Children Go.”

It’s all good and all fun.  I dare you to not enjoy this album… Go ahead and try.

And for the record. I would not call them a hair band, but they did have really good, abundant hair!  Check it out in that video!

For the other record, this is album #153… That means I have listened to and blogged about 153 albums for 153 days in a row.  Phew.

Viva la ’80s!!!!


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