In Chicago With A New York State of Mind – Billy Joel’s 52nd Street

I am a New York boy.  While I never lived in the city as an adult… regret #251… and I grew up in Jersey, I was conceived and born in Manhattan and lived in the city til I was two or three… Need to get that right…

NYC is my favorite city in the world.  It just is.  New York will always have my heart… I just feel like I am at home there.  I know my way around, I love the energy and it is a remarkable place to be.  Chicago comes in a close second for me… If it wasn’t for the extreme weather, I could easily live here, well, assuming I could find a career.  I look at the city as a friendlier New York.  I have not been here in probably five or six years and I forgot how much I really missed it.  So why am I writing about Billy Joel?

I looked at my iPod… saw Billy Joel and realized he was a great metaphor for all that is going through my mind as I stroll the streets of Chicago and realize how much I enjoy city living.  So many thoughts… so many conflicting ideas… A big part of my life was here… formative years… regrets at not staying and trying my hand at Second City and on and on and on…

It is a bit overwhelming… but now I am listening to Billy Joel and my brain is being soothed… I am being rocked back into a New York State of Mind… And yes, I know that, that song is not on this album.

Billy Joel – 52nd Street

According to Wikipedia:  “52nd Street was conceived as a day in Manhattan, and was named after the famous street of same name which hosted many of the world’s premier jazz venues and performers throughout the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.”  I love that!  It was Billy Joel’s first #1 and came on the heels of the also amazing The Stranger.

Here is an interesting fact:  “52nd Street was the first album to be released on compact disc when it went on sale alongside Sony’s CD player CDP-101 on October 1, 1982, in Japan.

This album is genius, from start to finish, from song to song… the rock, the classic piano… the jazz.  Just listen to Jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard’s solos on “Zanzibar.”  It is a delicious treat, all of it!

So many smart lyrics, too… and ones I just adore…

“Rose, he knows he’s such a credit to the game

But the Yankees grab the headlines every time.”

So here I am in Chicago… in a New York State of Mind… in a Chicago State of Mind… in an LA State of Mind… It’s confusing!


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One response to “In Chicago With A New York State of Mind – Billy Joel’s 52nd Street

  1. Pat O'Connor

    There is a rush of excitement whenever I arrive in New York and a fear, like the actor wondering if he will work again, whenever I leave. When will I be back?

    About the time of my mother’s 84th birthday in September, 2001 she got on airplane to fly east across America to New York to walk around and spend some money. Nobody was scaring her away from her town.

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