Interesting Name, Fantastic Music – Ferraby Lionheart and The Jack of Hearts

It’s after midnight… just a wee bit, and I believe this is the earliest entry thus far… but it is another day, so we are right on track.

I’m traveling tomorrow, which means that most of this evening will be sleepless… I can’t help it, I just get very uptight before I travel… worrying that I will forget something or forget to do something I really need to do… Oh well, it is what it is and what it shall be.  I can alway buy deodorant or underwear somewhere if I need to.

With that said, I need something to calm me down and make me relax a little bit.  This one is a piece of beauty and just what the imaginary doctor ordered.

Ferraby Lionheart – The Jack of Hearts

I was at the Sloan concert at the Bootleg Theatre in LA, when one of the guys who works with the band told me about this artist.  Obviously if he works with Sloan I figured he has good musical taste.  He does.

This is his most recent release and came out in 2010.  People will place him in a few categories… singer/songwriter… folk/pop… and I guess the ever popular and expansive “indie”artist.

Sounds like he is a local boy (LA), who either lived in or was born in Nashville… maybe both, I’m not sure… I have seen conflicting information.

According to All Music Guide, “his musical influences range from Shel Silverstein to George Gershwin, Hank Williams, and Cole Porter.”  That is a diverse and wonderful list!  They also list Rufus Wainwright and the late, great Elliott Smith.  I get that… there is definitely a theatricality to some of his tunes.

A reviewer on iTunes said his nine-year-old daughter told him that Ferraby’s music is “beautiful and sad at the same time.”  That seems to be a theme in my life and musical choices over the last week.  Funny how that works out like that.

She is right… the music is beautiful and sad and full of love and life.  I hope enough of you read this and check him out… It is still frustrating that the numbers drop so precipitously when there is an artist folks don’t know.  It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to be the one to tell you about someone new and exciting, so I’ll keep talking.  Eventually you’ll come around, although I guess the world can change one person/reader at a time, so I’ll take what I can get.  Heck, maybe I’ll change the world.

So welcome fellow adventurers!  This one is worth giving up some iPod space for.  Enjoy.


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