Trying to Get Into Drive With the Gear Daddies – Billy’s Live Bait

Most people actually know this band… Well… most people who go to hockey games that is.  “Zamboni” is a hidden track on this alt. country gem.  It comes at the very end of the CD as part of the track “One Voice.”  I first found out about these guys from Vince, who was working the same temp job with me back in the day.  I was trying to make it as an actor… he and his brother had a great band.  He put me onto Gear Daddies, Peter Himmelman and a few other bands I wound up really getting into.

My only gripe was when The Brothers were playing a gig in Hollywood one night and I asked him what time we should get there and if it was worth seeing the opening band… He said we could get there late as they were just okay.  Needless to say, I was not too happy as I walked in and heard the last song and a half from Gin Blossoms.  Now this was before they hit… but the guys were really good.  Lesson is this… go to see and support the opening act… You just never know when you will find your new, favorite band.

Gear Daddies – Billy’s Live Bait

I would describe these guys as an alt. country band with a punk sensibility.  They have a great sense of humor in their songs, but also, often, a real pain or yearning for something else… usually a way out of the small town life.

They are from Austin, Minnesota and were playing in the late ’80s and early ’90s.  They broke up in 1992 but apparently do small reunion tours in the midwest every summer.

Something about this album just grabbed me the first time I heard it.  My old writing partner Josh and I would listen to “Sonic Boom” quite a bit… actually the whole album.  It would pump us up for a writing session, but also describe our lives at that point.

If you dig Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy, Wilco and The Jayhawks, then you will really like this band a lot!!!

They might be hard to find in a used CD store… but then again, they might not cost you a lot, so there… Or you can grab all their stuff on iTunes.

So grab the stick and get into gear!


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