Running Late For My Own Spring Awakening

I actually got to see this show with the Original Cast… before all the Tony Awards… and just ahead of all the crazy hype.  I loved every minute of it, although I knew I would.  For me, seeing a musical always raises the question of whether or not to listen to the recording first or be surprised.  I think there are pros and cons either way, but usually I seem to listen first.  I just got through a few passes of The Book of Mormon, for example… I figured with this show, who the hell knows when I’ll get in, so what the heck… I mean HELL!  I love the irreverent humor of Trey Parker and Matt Stone and South Park and enjoyed this a lot… Well… there was one song that actually made me squirm and I am still trying to figure out if there is a slight prude left in me, or if the song REALLY pushes the limits of good taste a little too far.  I need to ask some friends on that one…

With Spring Awakening, I actually did not listen ahead of time but fell in love with the limited music I heard off the bat.  I think I might have seen a number or a sampler tune here and there… I had been a fan of Duncan Sheik… yes, beyond “Barely Breathing,” and loved his style and wit and music, so I knew I would be in good hands… Steven Sater as lyricist and book writer brings a hell of a lot, too… and of course, the brilliant direction of Michael Mayer made this one of my all-time favorite shows.

After seeing it, I could not stop listening for a long while.

Spring Awakening – Original Broadway Cast Recording

With so many iTunes and CDs, getting to everything I have is hard, if not impossible… Again, that is part of the reason for this project.  I had not heard this one in a bit, yet last night, out of nowhere… well, maybe not out of nowhere; that is for a therapist or analyst to decide… random tunes from the show started playing in my head.  If nothing else, that is a great sign of how moving and amazing and strong this musical is… I don’t usually have crap playing in my head… Well, aside from my own crap.

Perhaps that is why these songs came to me, and why I grabbed on to them so strongly in the first place.  I do feel like I am years, if not a full decade behind.  My body and age say one thing, but my mind and heart say another.  It is a constant battle.  I am still trying to find my career path and perhaps even myself, and as I get older that gets scarier and scarier… Time is always moving forward, and I need to make sure that I am as well.    While these songs are about youth and the battle between living a righteous life and still following your passion and well, your lust, I think there is a lesson for all of us, at any age… as individuals struggling to discover all that is out there, and then as parents battling how and what to teach, and when to push our children.

This album and show is just so much fun and energetic and enjoyable, but the lessons and songs are also so very deep and moving and magical.

I just hope I wake up soon and can enjoy my own spring awakening.  In the meantime, the album plays in my mind… and now on my stereo.  Peace.


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