It’s Good To Be the Kings – Kings of Leon Only By the Night

Okay, yes… “Sex on Fire” may have been over-played on the radio.  A lot… In fact, I heard it at the gym today, which is what reminded me to go back and give this one a listen.  “Use Somebody,” too…  Both are great songs but sadly that is what radio does… most radio… most commercial radio… it plays what its told to, over and over again and drives songs into the ground.

The answer is to either play CDs, get Sirius, or listen to the only two stations in LA that stray off the beaten path… The Sound 100.3 and KCRW 89.9.  

Kings of Leon – Only By The Night

This one was released on my birthday back in 2008.  I really appreciate albums being release in honor of me… It is very cool… and of course… not the case at all… Sadly, it was just a mere coincidence…

The band is from Tennessee and like a lot of these newer indie bands, they were huge in Europe, somewhat ironically, before finding success here.  This album was loved in the UK and was the third best seller of 2008… but here it either got positive reviews (Rolling Stone and Spin ) or was disliked… really disliked… Pitchfork gave it a 3.8 out of 10.  Ouch!

While “Sex on Fire” won a Grammy and brought the band more into the mainstream, many longtime fans did not like the perceived change in style.  It’s a funny thing… we want bands to grow and mature and define themselves, but if they travel too far off their established path, we get very uncomfortable.  Tis a difficult thing to balance…

I like their old stuff AND their new stuff and think they are an exciting band to watch.  I have heard their live shows are amazing, so I am anxiously awaiting for them to come back to LA.  Missed them on their last tour… I know, I suck… I do!

All Music describes them as such… “Initially embraced as “the Southern Strokes” for their resurrection and reinvention of Dixie-styled rock & roll, Kings of Leon steadily morphed themselves into an experimental rock outfit during the 2000s.”

They are often compared to bands like The National and Augustana… Yes, please… and influences, at least according to All Music, and agreed upon by me are: Tom Petty, U2, The Allman Brothers, The Band, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones and The Jayhawks… Yes, please again… and more please…

This is a band well worth taking in from their start (2003’s Youth & Young Manhood) to their most current release (2010’s Come Around Sundown).

I am happy to say I had been digging these guys from before they were hip and in here in the States… No, I wasn’t living in Europe… I wish… I had just heard about them from a friend and got hooked.  I hope you will, too, because I tell you, “it’s good to be the king.”


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