When Life Gives You Lemons, Put on Baby Lemonade

Oh, my friends… I feel that this one will scare you off.  Only because you do not know it, and that makes me sad… Classic rock rules the roost around here… The numbers always seem to spike when I stay in the very middle of the mainstream road.  But every once in a while I like jolting to the left or swerving to the right… Won’t you ride along with me?

This album is so enjoyable… I listened to it last night while cleaning through a pile of old magazines and newspapers and bills and it kept me sane… And this morning it is soothing my soul.

Baby Lemonade – Exploring Music

This one came out in 1998 and was produced by Darian Sahanaja of The Wondermints.  You know I love me some Wondermints, who are now, essentially, Brian Wilson’s band.

Wikipedia calls them neo-psychedelic… I call them that cool Power Pop I love so much.

I am just going to quote Wikipedia here, as the story is very interesting and I could not say it better…

“The group was Love founder Arthur Lee’s backing band prior to his incarceration, and after his release from prison in 2001 until his death in 2006. As such, they provided the most stable line-up of Love in the band’s history. In July 2005 the band were due to perform in the UK with Arthur Lee and the original Love guitarist Johnny Echols. However, when the band got to the airport in LA ready to fly to England, Arthur Lee refused to leave the States. The other members of the band, including Echols, decided to carry on without Lee and played a foreshortened series of gigs under the name “The Love Band”. It wasn’t until the following year that it was announced that Lee had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia which was to lead to his death in August 2006.

The name Baby Lemonade comes from a track from Syd Barrett‘s album Barrett.”

So many bands I love like this one and Trashcan Sinatras have a Syd Barrett influence in some shape.

This was their second full length album, following the also enjoyable 68% Pure Imagination.

You are gonna have to trust me on this one, as I know most of you will have never heard of them, and will probably think or ask, what the hell is he pulling out of his hat here???

I think I found them when I got into the Wondermints a while back, but it was literally just last week that I bought this CD and their first one… so there you go… Brand new for my ears and hopefully yours!


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One response to “When Life Gives You Lemons, Put on Baby Lemonade

  1. Pat O'Connor

    Saw a number of these excellent guys, including John Echols I believe at Cafe 322 in Sierra Madre a couple of months back doing an Arthur Lee tribute. Echols is one of the great unsung guitarist of the era.

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