Soothing Landscapes – The Joy of a Closed Freeway and Memory Tapes’ Seek Magic

In honor of the “Carmageddon” that never was, I was thinking of picking something by The Cars… or at least a good driving song.  The Allman Brothers would have topped this list for sure as, in my humble opinion, “Jessica” may be the greatest driving song of all time.  Turns out most Angelenos stayed put and so traffic was a breeze.  I say we do this freeway shut down more often.  How nice is it to be able to get wherever you want in LA in under a half an hour???

Well, since there was peace and calm I decided to go with a recent discovery, which is both soothing and relaxing… kind of like the way the weekend turned out.  I have a friend, Jennifer, who works at the library and we give each other music recommendations, which as you know is always fun.  She has turned me on to some great things, like Florence and the Machine… way before anyone knew who she was… and the stunning Danger Mouse mixes Dark Night of the Soul and Rome!!!  Again, these were early on in the game.  Her tastes definitely tend towards the electronic side of things and such is the case with…

Memory Tapes – Seek Magic

I will admit that electronic or electronica, club music, ambient trance pop or whatever you want to call it, is not my expertise at all.  I used to dismiss it out of hand as being, well, elevator music I guess… or mindless dance music.  In fact, the textures and melodies created can be deep and moving.  Such is the case with this lush and gorgeous album.

This is the kind of thing I would put on for a party, or spin late at night when I was hoping to get, well… down… You know what I mean…

The group name is actually the moniker for Dayve Hawk who plays everything on his records!!!  Bastard!  Wikipedia puts him in the “chillwave” genre, adding that this album has elements of New Order and Cocteau Twins.  I think I agree, but will listen more… I was just reading about New Order the other day as a matter of fact.  Coincidence?  I think not!

The guy is from New Jersey, so props for that!  But most importantly, of course, this is a great listen.  So enjoy your soothing Sunday, always seek magic and indulge in late night Memory Tapes.


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