Elegance and Biting Beauty – Sarah McLachlan’s Surfacing

After seeing Sarah and her band with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra last night, who else could I write about?

Her songs are filled with beauty and bite all at the same time, and last night she made a steady point of saying just how dark and depressing her love songs could be.  I’ve said this before, but some people’s unhappiness and hurt make the world a more beautiful place to be.  We want everyone to find bliss and joy, but for an artist, sometimes that pain can be spun into a universal gold.  It can shed light on things we hide and open our hearts to so much more.

Under the stars and the crossed lights of the Bowl was an amazing place to see and hear such loveliness, and her voice live is stunning and strong.

Sarah McLachlan – Surfacing

This is my favorite album of hers, and my two favorite songs are probably “Building a Mystery” from this one and “I’ll Remember You,” the fantastic song she wrote for the film The Brothers McMullen.  She played both last night in a concert that was just downright enjoyable.

This album came out in 1997, has sold over 11 million copies and won two Grammy Awards for this Canadian singer-songwriter.  The success of this album, I’m sure, helped her launch the Lilith Fair Tour.

Just look at the songs on this… amazing…

“Sweet Surrender,” “Adia” and “Angel” (“inspired by the fatal overdose of Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin“) are such gorgeous tracks, but like many of her songs, there is so much else going on.  Her lyrics are poetic and deep and sharply cutting and make this album in particular shine and soar.

If you know her music you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you don’t, go out and explore her catalog.  Your ears and soul will be rewarded.

So go listen… and by all means, watch the 405 construction on the web… Oy!


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