TGIJBT: John Butler Trio – Grand National (Do Not Miss!)

I mean, do not miss reading this or this band… Okay, I shouldn’t be too vain, so do not miss this band.  I like to think that my writing is worthwhile and enjoyable, but I am really here to service the bands and the music.

Way too often it seems that people gloss over new artists or simply dismiss them off the bat.  I know life is busy and your personal musical jukebox might be full, but variety is the spice of life, and to be honest, your spice racks might be getting a little dusty… and spices do get stale… I’m just saying…

Think about how cool it is to actually arrive at a concert on time and not only catch the opening artist, but fall in love with them!  Discovering a new band is amazing, and introducing you to something is a joy and a pleasure.  This quest, this thing I call My Tunes: The Albums Project was initially intended to rediscover so much of the music I acquired and perhaps have not paid adequate or at least recent enough attention to… But it is also a chance for me to discover and explore new music and then in turn, share that with you.

I love being the guy people call for a restaurant recommendation, no matter where it is and regardless of whether I have ever been there.  I am known as the Human Zagat after all.  I share that same love with music.  So if you need a rec, call me or email me.  And with that said, I give you…

John Butler Trio – Grand National


Thanks to Chris, the guy doing electrical work here, for recommending this and Birds of Tokyo!

I will say this, according to what I have read, it sounds like Sunrise Over Sea is the “masterpiece” but since I do not have that yet, we are going with what I do have!

When you are ready for a video interlude, check this out:

Lollapalooza August, 2008

If this does not blow you away, I may have to give up!  If you subscribe to Spin online (free) you can get a free download of this song on a great free album… You heard me say free, right?

Download: 20 Years of Lollapalooza

iTunes compares him to Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Ben Harper.  I’m with you.  I dig all three of those guys… well, I like Mayer when he is not being such an obnoxious Lothario.  They also mention Robert Randolph in regards to the musical solos… and you know how much I LOVE Robert Randolph!!!

He is huge in Australia and has not quite hit here… yet… despite a whole bunch of albums.  Although most of the peer reviews seem to favor his older, more jammy stuff.

I really enjoy this one and love the other songs I have heard… Will definitely get Sunrise… and based on this video and his Live at Lollapalooza, he is obviously a great artist to see live.

So happy summer listening… Enjoy, discover and share!






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