Carolina Liar, Pants on Fire! Coming to Terms With a New Release.

One of the first things that happened when 100.3 The Sound went on the air in LA, is that they had a concert at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk.  I won tickets to that show and got to see the great Carolina Liar up close and personal.  I remember hanging out on the balcony with their drummer, Max, who sadly is no longer with the group, and my good buddy Rob.  Since it was an acoustic show, they did not need the percussion.  He was having a great time from the audience, and the rest of the guys were just as awesome and as nice as can be… and the album was and is great!

It looks like they have had a lot of personnel changes since their debut.  Hmmm… When I was at The Sound a few weeks back, we were actually wondering what had happened to the band, since it has been three years since that first album… and then by some coincidence, my buddy Rob just sent me a link to their new single.

So there you go Mark!!!

Sign up on their page and get the new single free for a limited time!!!  Their new full length, Wild Blessed Freedom, comes out in September.

Carolina Liar – Coming to Terms

Chad Wolf, the lead singer is from South Carolina, but the rest of the band  (and it looks like the new members as well) are from Sweden.  Apparently Chad struggled for quite a while before coming out with this album full of hits… and radio took full advantage, playing this one a lot.  The story of how he was discovered by super producer Max Martin is pretty cool and makes for a great Hollywood tale… I guess I should house sit!  The album itself falls between pop and rock, quite perfectly if you ask me… and has some nice 80s influences.

“I’m Not Over” is the fantastic opener.  This leads into one amazing track after the other… “Coming to Terms,” “Last Night” (a great 80s call back), “Show Me What I’m Looking For” (my favorite song of the album), “Simple Life” and my other fave “All That Shit is Gone.”

I almost hate to list songs like this… because the rest of the album finishes just as strong as it starts.  If you don’t know this band, I would be surprised as they got a ton of radio play and were all over the place.  But allow me to introduce you just in case.  If you do know them, let’s hope their Sophomore entry is just as strong.

So go get the single and listen to this one.  GO!


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