Sunday Morning Music – Rockin’ Around N.Y.C. with Marshall Crenshaw

Marshall Crenshaw – Marshall Crenshaw

The beauty and joy of this record is amazing… Fantastic song after fantastic song make this one of the most pleasurable CDs in my collection.  This is the very definition of power pop, but I agree wholeheartedly with Wikipedia when they say that both this record and Crenshaw himself ” like Alex Chilton, transcends the genre.”

This easily makes my Top 50 favorite albums list… although his greatest hits collection This Is Easy: The Best of Marshall Crenshaw would be right up there, too.  This one came out in 1982 and “Someday, Someway” put him on the Billboard Top 40 Hits.  Hard to believe that is the only song that made it there.  Actually, that is crazy.  What is wrong with people???

“There She Goes Again,” “Girls,” “I’ll Do Anything,”Rockin’ Around N.Y.C.,” “Cynical Girl”  These are amazing tunes, folks.  Seriously… some of the best pop/rock you will ever hear.

Long before he played Buddy Holly in La Bamba, Marshall Crenshaw was often compared to the famous singer-songwriter.  I know that is what I initially thought, and this was at an age when I probably did not fully understand the reach and power of Holly or Crenshaw, so that is saying something about the influence.

He got his start playing John Lennon in the fantastic Off Broadway show Beatlemania!  I wonder if he was in the cast I saw… Hmmm… Where is that Playbill???

He continues to play out and I last saw him a few years ago at McCabe’s I think… I did however, miss the show he did there a few months ago.  _+)(*&^%&*()_+)(*&^%!!!

Anyway, I would be shocked if you did not know most of these songs… If you don’t, welcome to some amazing pop/rock.  If you do know them, give them another listen.  There is so much joy and pleasure on this record, I cannot even tell you… but that’s what makes it such a great Sunday Morning record… and Monday morning… and Tuesday afternoon… and Thursday at dusk… and…


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