Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun – Sloan’s Double Cross

That’s right, today you get not one… but two bands… I say TWO bands for the price of one!

First off, let me comment on the MMJ show last night at the Santa Barbara Bowl.  If you do not know this band, shame on you.  They are simply amazing and one of the tightest live acts you will see.  They give it everything they have, and leave it all out on the stage every single time they play.  My gripes… sitting behind the sound board and a cameraman… and the curfew, which cut their intended set short by 3 songs… Other than that, it was a fantastic day and night.  And Jim James let us know from the stage that at 9:01 the International Space Station would be flying by.  The crowd went crazy when it did, pointing to the sky and cheering in unison!  It was only a bright white light, but knowing what it actually is and that it was actually flying over us was pretty damn cool!

According to a random dude in the men’s room… yeah. that’s what we do, we chat about rock… they played the best in Oakland, but the audience was incredibly rude and filled with loud talkers… the show in LA was really good and the LA audience was amazing… Go LA!!!  And the show in Santa Barbara was good, but the crowd was not nearly as good as LA.  Interesting.  The whole SB demographic is interesting.  I am trying to put my finger on it, but the mix was… well… eclectic.

For today’s album… you knew it was coming…

Sloan – The Double Cross

I cannot stop listening to this!!!  Okay, here is another band that should be H U G E ! ! !  At the very least, they must be on your radar.  If you dig that jangly pop rock made famous by The Beatles and The Byrds and The Beach Boys, you will love their stuff.  The fact that they have been together for twenty years (i.e. X X – the double cross, get it?) and can put out an album this good is crazy in today’s music biz.  Yes, they are big in Canada, but give these guys a listen!

This one comes in at under 35 minutes.  It literally flies by.  But the songs are gorgeous pop gems… I can listen to this three times in a row easy… and the way they design their albums a lot of the time, is to have songs melding into the next… Fricking brilliant that!  As such, you want to buy the actual CD, for apparently iTunes adds gaps to the songs that are not supposed to be there… You can check to see if it is fixed before you download.

Anyway… if the first four songs do not grab you, you may not be human… I’m just saying…

So go see why Canada has such great beer, such great fries and such great bands… The exchange rate is no longer worth anything, but Sloan is worth so much!


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