My Little Feat Are Growing Old and Columbus Is Still Not Here

I do not want to grow up.

Absolutely… that is a given.  I think the thing that most depresses me about my birthday this August, is that I will be moving into another box… Meaning whenever I take a survey or fill out paper work, the age range to check off will be changing.


Like my dad says about getting old… It’s better than the alternative.  So it is what it is.

I have said this many times before, but I think people get weird when you like TOO much music.  They think it’s an act; that you are putting on pretenses just to prove you are hip or that you’re artificially trying to stay young.  While I might agree that most people’s tastes refine as they age, mine have exploded wide open.  I like a ton of music, and that goes across all genres.  I like it because I like it, and for no other reason.  There is no ulterior motive here. I just LOVE music.

Yes, a lot of what I listen to lately might be considered “young people’s music,” but you are as young as you want to be… at least mentally.  Sadly, we have less control over the physical.  Six months straight at the gym and my gut is still hanging on for dear life!!!  And at some point, the mental might go, too.  Wow, that’s depressing.

Okay!  Moving on!  I’m going to listen to whatever makes me happy.  Damn the 19 year olds next to me!  No, really… damn them.

I was going to talk about The Kooks today… and I will… Oh yes, I will!!!  But then I was on Wolfgang’s Vault and heard this amazing Little Feat show (Live at Winterland, Feb. 14, 1976). Talk about a Valentine’s Day gift!

This would be more than enough.  It’s an amazing show and recording and you can stream it all… but I figured I would also throw in an official release and went with the fabulous Waiting For Columbus, Little Feat’s first live album (and a double album at that!!!)  Definitely listen to both!

They brought the stellar horn section Tower of Power along with them, and combined recordings from the Rainbow Theatre in London and the Lisner Auditorium on the campus of George Washington University, all in August of 1977.  It was released in 1978.

So, they are not a Southern rock band… true in that they were LA based, but one hears a lot of great Southern style rock in them.  One hears a lot of great music in their recordings.   iTunes describes them as “part stoner rock band, part soul revue and part jam band.”  Okay… I get that.  Whatever you call them, call them great!

“Dixie Chicken” of course… “Sailin’ Shoes,”  “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now.”

Hard to fathom that less than a year later, Lowell George would be gone… Different circumstances, but similar scenario to Duane Allman… Great live album comes out and then less than a year goes by and they are gone.  Sad and tragic and somewhat ironically, seemingly part of Rock n’ Roll.  I don’t like that part at all.

But I do love the music!


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