Jackson Browne and the Sound of California

Two albums have been in steady play… Well, actually three… Sloan Double X (XX)… fantastic Beatles influenced pop… Glasvegas Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\… and a mix of My Morning Jacket and their new CD Circuital.  I am trying not to repeat, so I will not discuss them again… YET!

Went to a Sound Board meeting at The Sound 100.3 last night… so cool to hang in the studio with the legendary Rita Wilde while she was on the air… and to see the wonderful Mimi Chen again… and to meet the fabulous trio of Andy ChanleySheri Donovan and Julie Slater.  Plus, the other very cool listeners who have so much in common with me!  I mean really, how many stations put such value and respect with their listeners!!!  This is a class act and a bunch of genuinely nice and decent people… So tune them in!  They also happen to play some killer music.

As I was moving through my iTunes I hit on this one, and while it is a greatest hits collection, and I do try to shy away from those, it just had too many songs I wanted to hear…

Jackson Browne – The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne

From the old classics, to the more recent tunes, this collection will make you realize how amazing of a singer-songwriter Jackson is.  The 1970s may have been his hey day, but he is so infinitely listenable and I think so vital for the world today.  Just look at all he does for so many different causes.  It’s remarkable.  His music always speaks for itself… and speaks powerfully.

He was born in Germany, grew up in LA and went to the Village in NYC where he joined the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and began to  write songs for others… Before he was 18, he became a staff writer at Elektra.  Wow!  He backed up the great folk singer Tim Buckley and had songs recorded by Gregg Allman, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Rush, The Eagles and The Byrds.  I’d say that is pretty good musical company.

“Doctor My Eyes” was his first hit and opens this CD.  Great, great tune!  “Late for the Sky,” “The Pretender” and “Running on Empty” are all so amazing.  “Somebody’s Baby,” “Tender is the Night,” and “In the Shape of  a Heart.” provide another trifecta of loveliness.  “Sky Blue and Black” from the superb 1993 album I’m Alive has become one of my most beloved JB tunes… It is so raw and powerful and of course, beautiful.

His music is classic and definitely a strong and important part of that California sound… But the one thing that always stands out for me is just how many benefit shows and concerts Jackson does and how many causes he actively supports.  His activism is something that should be modeled or at least bottled and served up to all of us.

Rock on, JB!


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One response to “Jackson Browne and the Sound of California

  1. Robert Dolan

    For me, Jackson Browne’s LATE FOR THE SKY is his quintessential album. He seems able to sing about screw-ups in progress and relationships that crumble, as if he’s been there and done that. After a song like “Before the Deluge,” you just feel like you’ve been through the mill. But you also feel enriched, because of his incisiveness. All the songs on this great album are from the perspective of a guy who’s lost but constantly searching. He gets lost in memories, in the song “Fountain of Sorrow.” It also contains “For a Dancer,” which could just be his most beautiful song. If I had to take one Browne song with me to that proverbial secluded island, it would be “The Late Show.” This song is almost like watching a great film. In this song, you really get to hear David Lindley, his awesome guitarist. One of the all-time great albums.

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