Who Am I? Who Are You?

I never saw The Who with Keith Moon.  That would have been something.  He died from an overdose (sadly and ironically on pills that were supposed to help with alcohol withdrawal) on September 7, 1978… He had dinner with Paul and Linda McCartney and then OD’d in “a flat on loan from Harry Nilsson… where Cass Elliot had died a little more than four years earlier…”  Those are some f—ed up circumstances and coincidences.  I was too young to fully understand the loss or the situation at the time, and had not really embraced The Who at that point.

As I got older, they would become one of my favorite bands and I did see The Who a few times, including the Shea Stadium show with The Clash.  I also saw Roger Daltrey at a small bar in LA which was amazing and Pete Townshend at the House of Blues.

My friend Gregg used to work as a bag boy at Gelson’s and once helped Keith Moon out to his car… His tip was a Who shirt pulled from the trunk.  That has to be worth something… the high value a great story for sure.

Apparently it was Pete Townshend who coined the term Power Pop and actually says that The Who is a power pop band!  I a not gonna argue with Pete, but hmmm… I don’t think I would ever call The Who power pop, but okay…

The loss of John Entwistle was a tough one and something I remember viscerally.  He died in 2002 in Las Vegas, the day before the band’s 2002 tour was to start.  Amazingly, the show went on… postponed, but still moved forward.  As much as we glorify Rock n’ Roll, it is also filled with larger than life tragedies.

The Who – Who Are You

This is their 8th studio album and actually not my favorite when push comes to shove… but this is what entered my warped brain today.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love this album and almost all of their output, but Who’s Next, Tommy and Quadrophenia are my faves.

Roger is in fine form on “New Song,” a great opener… and continues right into “Had Enough.”  I guess I CAN hear power pop elements in this one… sweeping strings… the vocal harmonies… Hmmm…

“Sister Disco,” “Guitar and Pen” and of course the title track “Who Are You” round out my favorite songs.

I’m still not sure who I am… working on that… It’s an eternal question… but if may deflect for a moment… Who are you?



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3 responses to “Who Am I? Who Are You?

  1. Pat O'Connor

    The power of Power Pop for the Who comes from the Davies Brothers and their power chordal riffs. Pete told legendary producer Shel Talmy that the sound they wanted for their debut album was what he had done for the Kinks. The pop comes from their love of the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson’s harmonies. Great early example of both traits is So Sad About Us

    Saw Who with Moon one time at the Forum junior year. My first all nighter away from home (not counting elementary school sleep overs) was camping out at the Forum to buy tickets. Later saw the same Clash tour you mention at the Coliseum. 24 hours later my wife went into labor with our firstborn.

  2. Pat O'Connor

    An thinking about son Nick reminds me that seventeen years later as a counselor at the annual spiritual retreat of his high school he built his talk to underclassmen around the questions raised about life in the song Who Are You? Never put that all together before.

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