Ben Folds Five – My Musical Doppleganger

I look nothing like Ben Folds.  I have no musical talents…Well, I actually am a pretty good harp player… as in harmonica… But no songwriting ability, I don’t think.

I just connect with this guy… His music hits me in such a real way.

He came on my iPod at the gym today… Yes, I said gym… I was there.

I am a bit surprised I have not officially spoken about this band in the Albums Project, since they are one of my favorites and as I said, I absolutely identify with Ben Folds on many levels.  He is one of those people I would love to meet and sit down with.  I first heard of him on KSCA 101.9, the great, but sadly now defunct radio station.  Clear Channel’s short-lived KACD 103.1 briefly filled the void and now I am in radio nowhere.  I do love KCRW 89.9 (where they did a live version of the amazing “Alice Childress”) The Sound 100.3, but I truly miss those other two stations.  They broke new artists for me, played awesome deep cuts and just kept me going.  Nicole Sandler, wherever you are, I love you… Actually, I think you are now a liberal talk show host with Air America as your last gig… Hmm…


Ben Folds Five – Ben Folds Five

This trio, yes trio… ha ha… already so my sense of humor… came out of North Carolina in 1993.  This is their debut.  Their music has so many influences, like jazz, alternative, indie and power pop.  Folds himself said the music is “punk rock for sissies.”

I can hear some punk for sure… and a whole lot of musical irreverence!  Dig it.

The band broke up in 2000 and Folds continues to make fantastic music as a solo artist.

The whole album rocks, but the first five tracks are especially brilliant to me… “Jackson Cannery,” “Philosophy,” “Julianne,” “Where’s Summer B,” and “Alice Childress.”

“Sports and Wine” and “Best Imitation of Myself” are also awesome.  Okay, just listen to the whole album.  Sheesh.


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