Rome is Burning and Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi Are On Fire!!!

Well, perhaps it is more of a smoldering… It’s certainly a nice, slow burn…

This one kind of slipped under my radar.  I had been hearing about it pre-release and then somehow missed it.  Well, it has been found and it is an odd, fun, lush and glorious listen.

Not that you have to be a genius to figure it out, but I am impressed that the first thing I thought of upon hearing the first track was Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Westerns… Yes, that is BEFORE I read anything about it.  Sheesh!!!  Recording in Rome and using musicians who played on Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks give the album that pure authenticity.

Luppi is an Italian film scorer and arranger and has also arranged and produced for acts like John Legend.  Brian “Danger Mouse Burton is the producer extraordinaire responsible for Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells, et. al.  Together they have created quite an album.

It “stars” the stunning Norah Jones and the man who seemingly can do EVERYTHING, Jack White.  Burton says the album is “about love, I guess.”  It really is a film soundtrack without the film, which is why Burton also describes the album as being “very visual.”  The 60s are alive and well here and the landscape is not just cinematic, but rich and deep with colors and textures.  Atmospheric, romantic.

This album will easily play over your own love story, and yes, I do mean that in the physical sense, too.  Hey, what’s wrong with having a soundtrack for our love making.  The world needs a soundtrack… and more love… and a whole lot more love MAKING.  It would certainly be a better place.

After reading the news about Delta’s new partnership and how certain people (read Jews, Israelis and those carrying bibles that are not the Koran) will not be allowed on flights into Saudi Arabia, it is easy to get disgusted.  That is not to say that this album is going to solve the woes of the world.  Music can do a lot of things… bringing people together is certainly one of them… solving major world crises… perhaps not… But a listen to this will certainly put you in a better place… and after all, sometimes changing our attitude and mental state is a move in the right direction.

Go ahead… turn the lights down low and let your love simmer like a fine, tomato sauce, gently bubbling away on the stove.  What?  I made a great tomato sauce yesterday and it is, or can be quite seductive.  Mmmm…





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