Soothing Colors and Sounds – Red House Painters for When I’m Blue

I am in a strange place.  I want to be able to write about whatever album grabs me on a given day.  I want to be able to pull out new music that few people have probably heard.  I want to be able to cut across genres and discuss whatever happens to come up, but I have now become more aware of appealing to the masses.  Obviously what I choose has a great impact on web searches and what people will actually read, and I say this because low site hits and only a small readership sucks.  On the days when I have a lot of hits and great comments, I feel like I am succeeding at what I set out to do.  But when the numbers are small, it feels like I am, well, pleasuring myself… and sometimes there is not a lot of pleasure in that.  Writing is always better when there is someone else.  As much as I am growing as a writer (I hope) and disciplining myself by forcing myself to write every day (a good thing) I can tell you for sure I do not want to write in a vacuum.  I am writing to be read and to be heard.  Sorry, but that’s the way that it is.  I want people to connect with my words and my thoughts and my ideas.  That is the real purpose of writing for me.  Yes, a part of it is ego, but the main part of it, is simply defining the process.  I write, you read… you comment… we have a dialogue… we connect.

It’s also an odd day… I am still pretty broken up about Clarence, especially because I was supposed to go see and hear Max Weinberg at the Grammy Museum tonight.  My sinus headache is still pretty bad, which makes listening to music or doing much of anything a chore.  That’s sad.  I actually do NOT want to listen to anything today… which of course, would make for a horrible blog… I guess a moment of silence is fitting, but like Bruce said, the band and the music must and will go on.

Okay, fine… so I need something soothing today… something comforting… I need warm blanket music… or a cool glass of lemonade since it’s blistering hot out kind of music.

Red House Painters – Songs For A Blue Guitar

I was searching for reviews on one band, when I discovered what is really a solo project for Mark Kozelek.  All Music said that Rogue Wave’s Asleep at Heaven’s Gate ” is a highly polished modern rock album that mixes the arena-ready sound of groups like Coldplay with the highly emotional approach of bands like Red House Painters…”   So off I was to listen and fall for this one and the album Ramon.

They are most often compared to American Music Club, a band I do not really know, but of course am now checking out.

Mark played band member Larry Fellows in one of my favorite and most dear to my heart films ever, Almost Famous!  Please someone tell Cameron Crowe that I will do whatever it takes to work with him!!!

One iTunes reviewer quoted another reviewer as saying this record is a “melancholy gem” and it “radiates with both comfort and sorrow.”  You know, sometimes someone else says it just as good or better, and since this captures almost exactly what I needed today and wanted to say, I’m going to leave it at that.

This album has both originals and fun covers like “Long Distance Runaround” by Yes, “All Mixed Up” by the Cars and “Silly Love Songs” by Sir Paul McCartney, so definitely check it out… Come on, do not fear new music… Embrace it!



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