For The Big Man’s Full Recovery – Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising

I do not know you, but I have stood in front of you many times, and you, me.

I do not know you, but I have listened to you play over and over and over again.  Your music moves me.

I do not know you, at least personally.  We have never met, nor had a drink, nor spoken, and yet I guess I do know you, even if just a little bit.

Ever since hearing late last night about Clarence Clemons having a stroke, I have been unable to think about much else.  For anyone who is a fan of music or especially those who love and adore the E Street Band as much as I do, or have seen Bruce live, you’ll get it… you’ll understand how important  a part of our lives this man is… how much he means to us and to Bruce… even if we have never shared a meal nor anything more than a smile or nod.

What the heck to listen to today… ten gazillion songs are going through my brain… some Bruce, some not… Pink Floyd’s “On the Turning Away” has been on heavy mental rotation… Not sure why.  There is a kind of jukebox on auto pilot in my head, and I am having trouble grabbing on to any one thing.

I know I posted the news as soon as I heard, and I just hope folks know it is for the right reasons… it is my need to share and find human solace and comfort and connections with those who understand the severity of what it might mean… as a human medical condition, but also as a fan and the significance it has to many of us.  It is a way of reaching out and not a way of being heard.  Yes, I want to be heard, we all do.  That is sometimes the only way to ask for help.  I don’t want it to make myself into a harbinger of doom and gloom and the guy who is always first with the bad news.  That is not what I am racing towards.  I want to be able to keep people informed and up-to-date but most importantly, I want to reach out and share.  Sometimes we have good news… sadly not enough of it, it seems… and sometimes there is bad.  Last night, was bad.

So here I am trying to think of what music I can listen to that will comfort me, and somehow comfort and heal a man who is miles and years away.

My head is so literally spinning… no, not just from this news… that quite honestly, I don’t want to listen to much right now.  I’d love to climb back in bead and bury myself under the covers…

The ironic thing for me is this… very often, when I need a lift and some joy and comfort and something to change my mood, I grab some Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  And so, in memory of Danny and in the strong hope for Clarence to have a quick and full recovery, that is what I am going to listen to…

Bruce Springsteen – The Rising

For today, I am just gonna shut up and let the music speak for itself.  It is my prayer and my thoughts and my wishes that I am sending to you, Clarence, and to all of those who need healing.


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