Call Me Colonel Salt – Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles is Album #100

Here we are… Album #100, which essentially means that over the last 100 days, I have listened to at least one album a day and written about it.  There are days when I was inspired and days when I wanted to throw in the towel… Days when I looked at the number of readers and hits with joy, and days when I stared in disgust.  I think what I write is worthy of sharing and attention, but I understand how busy we all are, and taking the time to read a daily blog is not always possible.  So the question becomes how do I increase readership and take this to the next level?

These are important issues, as I think no writer truly wants to write for themselves.  However and with that said, the amount of discipline and pleasure derived from this project has been powerful.  It has taught me the importance of writing every day and has shown me that if I can focus and sit my ass down in a chair, that I can get things done.  I feel stronger and better about moving back into the long form of scripts and that long gestating novel!

So why this album?  The Beatles are quite arguably the greatest Rock N’ Roll/Pop band of all time.  Okay, they are… there is no argument.  How many hits did they have?  How many of their songs do we know by heart?  How much influence have they had on all who have come after them?  They are the best band… EVER.  And this album is AMAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!

My friend Robert asked me if I was going to do a Top 50 or 100 list… and I will.  But it would be MY top albums… not necessarily what I think are the best albums of all time, but what are my personal favorites.  This album would fit in both categories.  It is usually talked about as the greatest record of all time, for its songwriting and production and astonishing genius.  But most importantly, it is such an amazing album to listen to and enjoy.

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

I will admit that the remastered versions sound amazing, but reluctantly so.  I have every single Beatles CD, including the great mono box that I purchased only months before the remastered sets came out… Doh!  I do not like being forced to re-buy the same things again and again as they add more bells and whistles and bonus tracks and features… Okay, so happiness is not a warm gun and no one is holding it to my head, but still… sometimes I bite and sometimes I do not.

The album was recorded in 1966… a very good year… and utilized tons of experimentation, various musical styles, influences and instrumentation, and many new recording and studio techniques such as multi-tracks and altering recording speeds.  What The Beatles and Sir George Martin came up with has helped to give a voice and sound to so many others.  Sgt, Pepper is pure magic and was the first pop album to feature complete lyrics on the back.  We all know how those have been interpreted over the years!

Fellow musicians were amazed… but “Strawberry Fields” which was supposed to be on here, and I would imagine all the songs on the album itself, so impressed/messed up Brian Wilson that he abandoned his own record, Smile.

This is an album for the ages and proves how art and music can change so much in this world.  How much does this album and these songs mean to you?  I still have a deep sadness for the loss of John and George, which is partly a testament to the power of art and the artist and the true need for music in our lives.

Music is bliss and joy and passion, and everything good and human.  It is creation.  If we listen more, we can hear and heal the world.  So go put on an album, for a life without music is a life not worth living.

Thanks for reading… 265 more to go… Phew!



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2 responses to “Call Me Colonel Salt – Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles is Album #100

  1. One of my favorite albums hands down.

  2. Stephanie Goldsmith

    100 days is a great accomplishment!!! Congrats to my fabulous husband.

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