I’m Think I’m Bleeding… Wait, No… That’s Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks

Bob Dylan  – Blood on the Tracks

I looked at my shelves full of CDs… Started alphabetically… came to the Ds and Dylan and grabbed this one.  Sometimes that’s all it takes… This is one of, if not my favorite Dylan album, but obviously there are so many to choose from.

Not sure what is up what this physical disc, but as soon as I put it in my MacBook the whole thing started shaking like a helicopter or a revving race car engine.  Crazy.  My hands are now numb from all the vibrations.  Seriously.  Sometimes it makes noise when I pop a disc in, but normally it settles down and is not like this… Really odd… I’m hoping there is nothing wrong with my lap top.

Anyway… Let’s talk about Robert Allen Zimmerman.  He was born in Minnesota… He was Jewish, then not, then he was again… Now… who knows.  Does it matter?  Yes and no.  An artist is an artist, but obviously his background and philosophy informs his music, especially the lyrics.  I don’t think Leonard Cohen is a practicing Jew… I believe he is Buddhist, but his lyrics are very biblical and Old Testament.  I think there is a strong connection.  Religion, in the right way, gives us a perception and a way of not only seeing the world, but a way of dealing with the things that life throws at us.  For me, first and foremost, it is about a spirituality.

Dylan is quite often, amazingly spiritual.  Listen through his catalog and you will hear it right away.  He also writes about relationships and life so poignantly and brilliantly, and this album came in the midst of troubles with his wife.  When you really listen to it, some of it is heartbreaking… even amongst some of the most beautiful tunes… It is about love and all that, that entails.

I find it amazing that this album received mixed to lukewarm reviews when it first came out.  Obviously, later, the critics went back and got the genius of it, but wow… This grabbed me from the very first note of “Tangled Up In Blue.”

“Simple Twist of Fate” – A great story song, simple but with quite a punch.  And yes, I dig the harp parts.

“You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” – Yup.

“Shelter From the Storm” – What can I say?  This might actually be my very favorite Dylan song.  His version… cover versions… any way I hear it, I adore this song.

“Buckets of Rain” – Ditto on the yup.  Great, great song.

I do not like to mix politics with music, which is why I started a separate political blog.  However, given that I am talking about Dylan, I am feeling a bit political.

With that said, I find Coldplay’s recent support of the song Palestine to be completely inappropriate and offensive.

To hear my thoughts on that, feel free to visit Band of One.

I think it is an important discussion to have.  And having the facts is absolutely key.


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One response to “I’m Think I’m Bleeding… Wait, No… That’s Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks

  1. Rick Isaac


    Great description of music regarding Dylan! Love your blog. I am often amazed when listening to Blood on the Tracks at how cleverly he uses double entendre to refer to his drug uses years. “Your Going to Make me Lonesome when you Go”, “Shelter from the Storm”, and “A Simple Twist of Fate” are classic for what are from the surface seemingly standard love songs..but have his cleverly disguised references about the allure of drugs. Genius stuff.

    Rick, from the Left….

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