Yesterday I Got the Cure, But Today I Have the Vaccines (What Did You Expect?)

Funny how that works out so nicely.  Although, technically a vaccine is not a cure… it’s a prevention.  Yeah yeah… okay… In a desire to not be pedantic and just get you to listen to some kick ass music, you must get The Vaccines.

The Vaccines – What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?

For my regular readers you are starting to hear specific names in regards to certain albums and artists… Rob and Alan for the British Power Pop… Jason for the classic Rock and Metal… my brother Dan for a whole lot of everything… Well let me introduce you to Tuti.  We first met at the Trashcan Sinatras show at McCabe’s, but I had been hearing about him for a long time from Rob and Alan.  This guy knows more about music than anyone I know, and is out at shows all the time.  He can tell you about amazing bands before anyone else has heard of them, and be listening to stuff way before it hits the street.  Lucky bastard.  We all need to get on the same mailing lists he’s on!  Okay, I need to get on the same mailing lists he’s on.  He has clued me into so many great bands like IdelwildThe Twang, White Lies and of course, The Vaccines.

This album is a grand total of 37 minutes.  That’s it… Perhaps the way a great Rock n’ Roll record should be.  Short, edgy sweet and more than to the point.  I know you have 37 minutes to listen to some great Rock.  I know you want a new artist to sink your teeth into and share with your friends over a cold beer, poolside… or the water cooler… or just to impress the young crowd.

Whatever it is, this record is gonna kick your —!  And I am warning you now, it won’t be leaving your multi-disc changer anytime soon… Well, it may have to when the kids are around.

Here’s something incredible and a sign of things to come… This band is a year old… ONE YEAR!  That’s it.

They describe their influences as “’50s rock ‘n’ roll, ’60s garage and girl groups, ’70s punk, ’80s American hardcore, C86 and good pop music.”  Yeah, okay… that sounds about right.  Glasvegas also sites ’60s girl groups as an influence, and I do hear them, too.  They both also draw comparisons to The Strokes and Jesus and Mary Chain.  No wonder I dig ’em.  See how it all comes around like that?

“Wreckin’ Bar” and “Post Break-Up Sex” (Hell, yeah) have been floating around for a while… and the BBC, festivals and great music rags like Q have had a thing for these guys for a while.  In fact, the band is gearing up for world domination and The Isle of Wrightand Reading & Leeds Festivals.

And please, for the love of all that is holy, can we get the fabulous, hip and totally needed  Later with Jools Holland.  This show breaks so many bands and new artists it’s crazy!!!  Or maybe I’ll just move to the UK!  At least next week and in time for some of the best music festivals in the world.  Doesn’t anyone want to take me?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?


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