I Am My Own ’80s Movie Star – The Cure’s Greatest Hits

Or I’ve got a fever and I need The Cure.

Yeah, I know what I said about greatest hit compilations, but this one is too perfect and completely captures a part of my mood as of late.

When I was a theatre major at Northwestern… and yes, if you are a THEATRE major, that is how you spell it… I was often compared to John Cusack.  This would make me nuts.  I loved his work, but what would make me crazy was how much I wanted to be in the movies he was in.  Sixteen Candles, The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, Say Anything… and later on Bullets Over Broadway, Gross Pointe Blank and High Fidelity.  He is also writing and producing a lot now, so if I was looking at careers I would love to have, his is certainly up there.

Yes, we once had to ask him to leave a frat party at Sigma Nu… and yes, he is currently at odds with his once best friend Jeremy Piven, but still… quite a career.

If I had it all to do again, I would definitely have figured out a way to be a teen star… or at least be in one great ’80s movie.  Since I can’t find that time machine, I just put on this album and I am right there.

The Cure – Greatest Hits

First off, this band is amazing and truly defines an era.  Their sound is instantly recognizable and their songs mean something to so many of us.  This is a nice set of hits, a great album on its own and a good place to start… or a good place to remind you of how much you like and may miss The Cure.

Goth rock?  I guess.  I am not very goth, but I can see that, especially at the time.

But this is my movie (Yes, I am ignoring all other movies who used The Cure) and here is how it goes.

“Boys Don’t Cry” – One of their earliest hits.  This might come at the low point of my movie… Things aren’t going so great, and well… you know…

“The Lovecats” – A fun track for sure.  Strangely, this reminds me a lot of Dexy’s Midnight Runners.  Might be playing at a party I walk in on… or try to get into and am rebuffed by large jocks.  Then I have to climb a drain pipe and sneak in on an upper floor.  Uh oh.

“In Between Days” – I love the beat on this one… Great groove, but very contemplative.  Definitely playing while I am driving somewhere… perhaps after a fight.

“Close to Me” – This one could fit in so many places… And it’s a classic… Hmmm… I just know it has to be there, somewhere.

“Just Like Heaven” – This would be the song playing over my falling in love montage.  Such an awesome tune!

“Lovesong” – This would work for that, too… or it could be the song that teases and torments me after my love has left.

“Friday I’m In Love” – I just quit my crappy job, hop in the car and am going to win my love back.  We kiss… all is right with the world and we roll credits…

Another great selection for Summer 2011 and for kicking it old style.


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